Are Golf Umbrellas Waterproof? 7 Buying Questions Answered

If you’re truly dedicated to golf, you’ll play in almost any conditions – including rain.

While there are some key strategic and equipment changes you have to make to your game in order to succeed in the wet, if you are to truly enjoy your round – regardless of what you score – then you need to stay dry.

It is for this reason that grabbing yourself a top-quality golf umbrella is a must.

If you’ve only just begun researching the benefits of splashing out on a specially-made brolly, you probably want to know: are golf umbrellas waterproof?

Yes, golf umbrellas are waterproof. Both single and double canopy golf umbrellas do a great job of keeping you dry in rainy weather. They are made from a nylon material that is water-resistant and, in most cases, will also protect you against harmful UV rays.

However, single canopy designs are less durable than double canopy models and, therefore, more susceptible to wind damage.

If you’re going to purchase a golf umbrella, I’d highly recommend you paying a little extra and getting a high-grade, double canopy design.

The first time I bought a golf umbrella, I made the mistake of trying to penny-pinch and save a few dollars by getting a cheaper, single canopy model – only for it to turn inside out and break at the first hint of a breeze.

The Double Canopy Ping Golf Umbrella I bought as a replacement hasn’t missed a beat and remains sturdy even in the windiest of weather.

In this article, I’ll answer some of the most common questions amateur players may have about golf umbrellas to help you understand why they are an important piece of equipment to include in your bag.

What is the difference between a golf umbrella and a regular umbrella?

A golf umbrella is typically much wider than a regular umbrella in order to protect both the player, their golf bag, clubs and push cart from getting wet. A double canopy golf umbrella can be up to 68 inches wide, whereas a regular umbrella may only span 54 to 62 inches.

This extra width allows the golfer to remain dry while walking the course – either carrying their clubs on their back, or pushing them along in a push cart (such as the Bag Boy Compact 3) – something which a standard, all-purpose umbrella may not provide.

The other big difference between golf umbrellas and regular umbrellas is, quite simply, the quality of manufacturing.

If you’re buying double canopy models from Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway – basically any of the big-name brands – you know they’ve been built to last.

While there are some no-name, multi-use double canopy umbrellas on Amazon that would probably do the job (and have all the same specifications as the top-line golf brands on paper), you really are rolling the dice when it comes to longevity.

They may be great, but they may also be terrible – personally, I’d rather pay slightly more for a golf brand I know will deliver me a lasting, dependable product.

Should I get a golf umbrella?

If you’re serious about golf, you need a golf umbrella to play in the rain. Golf umbrellas are wider, sturdier, longer-lasting and generally better quality than regular umbrellas, giving you better protection in the wet and assurance they won’t break in windy weather.

Their handles are also designed to fit universal umbrella holders that can attach to golf push carts and electric carts, and allow you to peruse the course without having to physically carry them.

While golf umbrellas are usually a little pricier than regular brands, the advantages they offer compared to standard models makes the extra cost worthwhile.

How big should a golf umbrella be?

A single canopy golf umbrella ranges from 54 to 58 inches in width. A double canopy golf umbrella spans anywhere from 60 to 68 inches wide, offering far greater coverage for the player, their clubs and bag during rainy conditions. The larger, double canopy designs are generally sturdier.

When it comes to golf umbrellas, I really do believe bigger is better.

The double canopy designs outperform the single canopy brands in always every way – the only time I would ever consider advocating the use of a single canopy umbrella is in dry, calm conditions as a means of protecting yourself from the sun.

But if you’re planning on playing in the wet, the double canopy umbrella is the gold standard.

What is a double canopy golf umbrella?

A double canopy golf umbrella is designed specially with two layers to allow wind to pass through the gaps in the ribs, preventing them from turning inside out. This keeps the golf umbrella waterproof, but also makes it far more wind resistant than single canopy models.

As its name implies, double canopy golf umbrellas are fashioned from two, not one, pieces of water-resistant material in order to create the spaces where breeze can penetrate.

This enables the umbrella to spread the wind shear forces across its entire frame, increasing stability.

Is a double canopy golf umbrella better?

Double canopy golf umbrellas are superior to single canopy designs in almost every way. They are bigger, sturdier and the use of a dual canopy construct makes them far more wind resistant – while retaining their waterproof capabilities.

The only area by which single canopy umbrellas outperform double canopy umbrellas is cost (which isn’t great if you’re trying to get started on a budget), however as the popular saying goes – you get what you pay for.

If you want an umbrella that will last, and keep you dry on the course no matter how windy it is, the double canopy umbrella is the obvious choice.

What is the best umbrella for golf?

The best golf umbrella for you comes down to three things: performance expectations, capabilities and cost.

Naturally, if you want an umbrella that ticks the first two boxes, you’re going to have to compromise on budget as top-of-the-line choices will hit you harder in the hip pocket.

To help you decide, I’ve listed the best options I could find online to give you some choices when determining which golf umbrella to buy.

Best double canopy golf umbrellas

As mentioned earlier, the double canopy golf umbrella is the gold standard – and there are two designs that stand out head-and-shoulders above the rest.

TaylorMade Double Canopy Golf Umbrella

The TaylorMade Double Canopy Golf Umbrella is a reliable choice that will stand up in windy conditions, and keep you dry in the rain.

It’s reinforced by a lightweight fibreglass frame, while its WindPro technology also adds to its durability.

The TaylorMade is slightly smaller in size (64 inches) than some other double canopy designs, but will still give you adequate coverage.

Titleist Tour Double Canopy Golf Umbrella

The Titleist Tour Double Canopy Golf Umbrella is one of the most-bought designs on Amazon and comes highly rated, with the vast majority of reviews being positive.

It’s 68 inches wide – offering maximum coverage for you, your clubs, and bag – and the double-layer canopy, coupled with Titleist’s anti-inversion technology, creates extra reinforcement in windy conditions.

Best single canopy golf umbrellas

I’ve already made it clear my thoughts on single-canopy golf umbrellas – it really is a raffle in terms of how long they’ll last, due to their inferior constructs when compared to double canopy designs.

But, if you’re willing to roll the dice in order to save a few bucks, these are the umbrellas I’d choose from.

Titleist Golf Players Single Canopy Umbrella

The Titleist Golf Players Single Canopy Umbrella is a basic, affordable option if you’re looking for an umbrella that won’t break the budget.

It’s 58 inches wide, comes in the color black, and is made from nylon.

It will offer you protection from rain and also UV radiation – everything you need from a golf umbrella.

TaylorMade Golf Single Canopy Umbrella

Coming in at 60 inches wide, the TaylorMade Golf Single Canopy Umbrella is on the larger end of the size scale when it comes to single canopy options.

It’s made from nylon and has the trademark black and white TaylorMade color scheme.

This is another good option if you’re on a budget.

Final message

If you’re a golf addict like I am and will tee it up in all conditions – whether it’s sunshine, wind or rain – then you’re going to need a sturdy umbrella to keep you out of the elements, especially when it’s wet.

As someone who has owned both single canopy and double canopy golf umbrellas, I strongly recommend you spending a little bit more (whether that requires some extra few weeks of saving) and buying one that is designed to last.

A top-quality, double canopy golf umbrella will keep you drier and withstand the elements better, meaning it’s less likely you’ll need to replace it.

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