Remote Control: Top 10 Electric Golf Push Carts (Buggies) To Buy

Electric push carts – otherwise known as motorised trolleys or ‘buggies’ – are fast gaining popularity among golfers due to their ease of use.

Rather than having to lug your carry or stand bag around on your back, or manually push your cart up and down the fairways, an electric cart allows you to simply press ‘go’ on a remote and let the motorised trolley do the rest.

Electric buggies are perfect for elderly players who no longer have the strength to physically carry their clubs, or push them, for an entire 18-hole round, or for those who have physical ailments.

They’re also great if you’re someone who wants to preserve energy, leaving you mentally and physically sharp – rather than fatigued – from the first tee to the last, which could result in better shot-making, decision-making and scoring.

What are the best electric golf buggies to buy?

The top 10 electric buggies on the market are the:

  • CaddyTrek R2 Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart Bag Caddy (our top pick)
  • MGI Zip X5 Electric Golf Caddy
  • Bat-Caddy X3R Remote Control Cart
  • MGI GMI Zip Navigator Remote Control Electric Golf Caddy
  • Callaway Traverse Electric Golf Cart
  • Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC Electric Caddy
  • Motocaddy M7 Remote DHC
  • Motocaddy M1 DHC Electric Caddy
  • Cart-Tek Electric Golf Push Cart With Remote Control
  • Allinonegolftech Golf Push Cart With Remote Control

Each have their pros and cons – as I’ve explained in my more in-depth reviews further down the page of this article – but in summary, the CaddyTrek R2 Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart Bag Caddy is the best all-round option.

This is due to its four different movement modes – handle steering, remote steering, march mode and follow mode – onboard gyroscope technology to guarantee straight-line tracking, compact storage ability, and long-life, rechargeable battery.

Keep scrolling to read my full assessment of my top 10 electric buggies (or click here to skip straight down to the best picks).

But before you dive in and look at the list, let’s first answer some common questions regarding motorised push carts.

What is an electric golf buggy?

An electric golf buggy, otherwise known as an electric golf trolley or caddy, is a ‘push’ cart that is motorised, reducing the physical exertion required to move it around the golf course. For many people, age or injury can make lugging golf clubs around a course cumbersome, so electric options are a great way to outsource the heavy lifting.

These buggies house a battery and a motor, usually between the wheels or off to the side, responsible for powering and turning the wheels automatically.

The battery is rechargeable, with many lasting multiple rounds before needing another burst of energy from the socket.

Electric golf buggies come in a range of styles and operate in a few different ways, but the overarching appeal of all of them is their ability to propel themselves with the squeeze of a trigger, rather than brute force.

For people who struggle to walk hills on an undulating course, these buggies can be a godsend.

To move, electric buggies are usually controlled in one of two ways: a remote control or by squeezing triggers on the handle.

The latter option still requires steering, while the remote control gives ultimate flexibility, allowing you to, like a video game controller, move and orientate your buggy completely contactless and with the gentle flick of a joystick.

Electric buggies are the ultimate effortless option for people who don’t want to work too hard but still enjoy getting a few kilometres in the legs by walking the course.

Here from professional golfer Zane Johnson about how an electric golf buggy has resurrected his golf career in the video below:

If you don't use an electric golf trolley, you'd better watch this...

Should I buy an electric golf buggy?

You should definitely buy an electric golf buggy if you struggle with pushing or carrying your clubs throughout a round, suffer from injury, are an older golfer who lacks the strength to push or carry your clubs, or play an exceptionally hilly golf course that causes you to fatigue mid round.

If, for whatever reason, you find carting your clubs around laborious or painful, you should explore some of the options for electric golf buggies suggested below.

The last thing anyone wants is their love of the game to be curbed by the effort involved just carrying your gear around the course.

Additionally, people suffering from chronic injuries – such as golfer’s elbow – might find golf far less strenuous on the body without having to engage the forearm muscles to move their push-cart.

While these issues are not exclusive to older golfers, its far more likely that these scenarios will apply to those in the ‘twilight’ of their careers.

I’ve seen many elderly golfers – we’re talking 80 plus here – get through two or three rounds a week thanks to electric buggies, so it’s something any septuagenarian should consider if they want to extend their golf career deep into retirement.

Finally – and this may seem fickle, but who cares – if you play a golf course that is extremely hilly, undulating or even windy, you may benefit greatly from an electric buggy.

Fatigue can be an absolute killer for the golf swing, as lazy turns and arm swings can throw everything out of whack.

If you can squeeze a trigger to get your cart moving or drive it around while you walk beside it, you’ll have bucketloads more energy come the 15th or 16th hole.

Yes, if you’re under 50 your friends will likely call you lazy, but this will mean nothing when you take their money time and time again.

Are electric golf buggies allowed in competitions?

As a general rule, most clubs will allow electric golf buggies in competitive rounds at a club level. Weekly stableford and stroke/medal rounds, even club championship qualifying and matchplay, will most likely permit the use of electric golf buggies, just not always fully drivable, electric golf carts.

For example, the club that I play at allows pretty much every type of golf buggy, pushcart and carry bag to be used right up to club championships, but if you’re looking to drive yourself around in a cart while competing for a club trophy, you’ll need to present a medical certificate or have a verified physical disability.

Most clubs will see electric golf buggies as a fair enough way to get through the round without a huge advantage, as users will still fatigue as a result of having to walk the course.

The fatigue factor is essentially nullified when driving around in a golf cart, hence this is where most clubs draw the line for official championships or competitions above and beyond the usual weekend fare.

Best electric golf buggies/trolleys to buy

Now that I’ve explained the benefits of using an electric push cart, it’s time to reveal my top offerings available online today.

I’ve compiled my list following hours of extensive research, and presented my findings as someone, like you, who is searching the internet for advice on which motorised buggy to buy.

I factored in price, quality, features and past user reviews when deciding which buggies made the cut. Here’s my final picks.

CaddyTrek R2 Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart Bag Caddy

The CaddyTrek R2 is the ultimate electric buggy, offering every option under the sun for golfers looking to transport their clubs around the course with no effort at all.

This buggy has four options for moving it around the course: handle steering, remote steering, march mode and follow mode.

If you feel the need to have your clubs close by, you can still steer this buggy yourself, using the handle to control while the electric motor does the heavy lifting, propelling your clubs along.

If this sounds like too much effort, use the handheld remote to control your cart from a distance.

Two even smarter options exist, march and follow, that will leave your playing partners mesmerised from the first tee through to the 18th.

By selecting ‘follow’, the CaddyTrek R2 will literally move along just behind you, going wherever you do without any steering, even remotely.

Check it out on Amazon

A similar option is ‘march’ where the R2 will trundle along just in front of your group to be pulled to a halt when it reaches your ball, just in front of you.

The extra smart remote mode will even allow you to send your clubs to the next tee while you putt out, drastically speeding up the place of play.

To ensure it always gets to the next location in one piece, the CaddyTrek uses an onboard gyroscope to guarantee straight-line tracking over uneven terrain.

The CaddyTrek will make adjustments to return to its original line after encountering bumps, divots and uneven turf across the fairway.

This buggy packs up extremely tightly fitting comfortably in the back of any car, and the total weight comes in at 39 pounds, even less without the battery.

Speaking of the battery, a full charge will comfortably last 27 holes, with an overnight charge easily exceeding the 5 hours required to fully replenish the battery.

For overall quality, value, reliability and flexibility, the CaddyTrack R2 is the best on the market.

MGI Zip X5 Electric Golf Caddy

The MGI Zip X5 Golf Caddy is extremely lightweight and compact, with a ‘zip-fold’ pack away format that will allow this buggy to fit into the tightest of spaces for easy transport.

The design is slick with a beautiful green and black colour scheme that will blend perfectly into the natural surroundings of the course.

A convenient screen is housed between the handles, offering information about settings and battery power.

The controlled distance function allows you to set a specific travel distance so your clubs can move off ahead, meeting you at the desired location.

Check it out on Amazon

Downhill speed control will maintain a constant pace, transporting your clubs safely, even on declines and uneven surfaces.

The MGI Zip X5 has a resettable odometer, meaning you can track accurately distance travelled and log kilometres walked during your golf game.

The braking system is ever reliable and the MGI Zip X5 will stop and hold, even on the steepest of slopes you’d expect to find on the course.

While the MGI Zip X5 might not come with the full suite of features seen in the top end models on the market, it is a reliable, compact option for anyone looking for their first electric golf caddy.

Bat-Caddy X3R Remote Control Cart

The Bat-Caddy X3R is a tenth-generation model of one of the most competitively priced electric buggies on the market.

This buggy is composed of high-tech aerospace aluminium with stainless steel components, rendering it lightweight, highly durable and superb in appearance.

The X3R is also available in three stylish colours, phantom black, arctic white and titanium silver.

A pair of powerful, 200-watt direct drive electric motors replace problem-causing gear boxes, leading to an extremely quick buggy.

The 12-volt battery will comfortably provide 27 holes of power and survive hundreds of charges without losing operational duration.

The Bat-Caddy X3R also comes with a convenient remote, allowing you to be in control of your clubs at all times.

The handle houses a range of features including an LED screen providing battery levels and timed advance so you can pre-set speeds and distances for your buggy to shoot off ahead.

Check it out on Amazon

The XR3 provides some of the best stability on the market, with a retractable fourth, rear wheel included in the price.

The high-tech rubberised front and wide track rear wheels supply superb traction and optimise abrasion resistance and smooth turning on rough surfaces.

Another remarkable feature of the XR3 is its high range, maintaining reliable communication with the controller up to 100 yards.

You’ll have no issues sending the buggy to the next tee while you putt out, helping you shave minutes off of every round.

Additionally, advanced waterproofing protects all of the electronics associated with the buggy, providing piece of mind when playing in wet, challenging conditions.

MGI GMI Zip Navigator Remote Control Electric Golf Caddy

The MGI GMI Zip Navigator electric golf caddy is a step above the MGI Zip X5, perfect for anyone who entered the market with a base model and is considering an upgrade.

The MGI GMI Zip Navigator lays claim to an ultra-response remote, allowing full control without needing to direct the caddy physically.

The remote allows for full directional control: left, right, forward, reverse and also speed adjustment.

The patented gyroscope straight tracker technology will keep the navigator caddy on course over even the most challenging of terrain, along with downhill speed control that maintains a constant rate of movement down the steepest of hills, protecting the clubs and gear being transported.

The MGI GMI Zip Navigator lays claim to a huge battery, 24V 380Wh in fact, rated for over 500 full charges.

Check it out on Amazon

If you do forget to charge the caddy, a quick adjustment to manual mode will allow you to roll it through the rest of your round with ease, getting back to the clubhouse in one piece.

Another exceptionally handy feature is the USB port situated between the handles, perfect for charging your phone throughout the round so you can use mobile scoring apps without the fear of going flat.

Accessories such as a mobile phone holder, multi-purpose clip, seat, drink bottle holder and umbrella holder all offer great options for the avid golfer looking to pimp out their ride.

The battery is fully removable and the Z-fold configuration makes this buggy highly compact, fitting into the trunk, or even back seat of small cars with absolute ease.

As with all of the MGI range, the appearance of the GMI Zip Navigator is second to none, one of the sleekest, sharpest looking electric caddies on the market.

Callaway Traverse Electric Golf Cart

For many people, including myself, brands matter, and it may be snobbery, but it is important to me what stamp is on my clubs and which logo is embroidered on my shirt.

If, so far, you’ve been reading our list wondering where the big-name brands are, look no further.

The Callaway Traverse Electric Golf Cart offers that big name guarantee and a decades long reputation of producing high quality products.

If that appeals to you, then this may be the electric golf cart worth paying for.

This cart is fully remote, operating with a hand-held control that can direct forward, backward, left and right movements.

There are also handle-based pre-set distance options so you can tell your clubs to scoot on ahead while you mull over the next shot, hands-free.

The frame is aluminium constructed, offering high durability in a simple design.

The overall look of this electric caddy doesn’t quite match the sleekness of offerings from MGI, but the design certainly couldn’t be considered ugly either.

The high torque twin motors are housed and sealed in a case, along with the gearbox, leading to a quiet, smooth level of operating sound.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery matches most others on the market, with a full charge getting through at least 27 holes.

Check it out on Amazon

It will take around six hours to charge, but the motors do provide great power, making it well worth the wait.

The cart also, despite appearing to be three wheeled, does have a small retractable fourth like many others on the market, adding extra stability if on bumpy or undulating terrain.

The handle section is one of the best on the market, with handy tee, ball and water bottle holders, as well as the option of an umbrella holder.

The single grip handle is also a unique feature, compared to other models out there that will require two hands to steer correctly if not using a remote.

With one hand free you can add your score into a phone app or take a drink while driving to your next shot.

The Callaway Traverse folds down neatly and compactly, and is extremely light, easily thrown into the back of a car.

For durability, reliability and performance, as well as that brand name guarantee, the Callaway Traverse Electric Golf Cart is a viable option for anyone wanting a high-quality, self-driving caddy.

Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC Electric Caddy

The M5 GPS from Motocaddy has an incredibly sleek design, topped off with a 3.5-inch colour touch screen that remains responsive even while wearing a glove.

You can use this to easily access weather conditions, course statistics and time your round.

But where this feature really starts to become impressive is with its course data, containing over 40,000 preloaded courses with front, middle and back of green pin data, as well as hazards.

Rethink the purchase of a smart watch and maybe even a rangefinder too – this caddy provides superb value given the full range of fantastic features.

Check it out on Amazon

As with many of these higher range electric golf caddies, a smart downhill braking system maintains constant speeds on descending gradients, avoiding dangerous and damaging runaways.

Importantly, the M5 is also extremely compact and won’t take up excessive space in the trunk or backseat of your car.

The wheels, handles and all attachments feel of high quality, something you will no doubt see for yourself if purchasing the Motocaddy M5.

Motocaddy M7 Remote DHC

The Motocaddy M7 Remote DHC electric caddy might not possess the touchscreen display of the M5, but it does feature remote control manoeuvrability with a 150-foot range.

The remote for the caddy can be stored near the handles or in your pocket for easy access while walking between shots.

The downhill braking control will ensure safe descents and avoid runaways, with a detachable fourth wheel also provided to assist with stability over particularly tough terrain.

The M7 is fully adjustable with an easy two-step process to collapse the caddy ready for transport or storage.

Check it out on Amazon

With more and more courses opting for scoring using phone apps rather than a traditional scorecard, the USB charging port will ensure your phone never goes flat mid round.

Additionally, if you feel like putting in some extra effort on any given day, the caddy can be switched to manual mode to provide more of a workout.

Motocaddy M1 DHC Electric Caddy

The M1 DHC from Motocaddy is one of the more basic options from the brand, but still boasts a range of features at a highly competitive price.

The M1 has an anti-glare LCD screen viewable in all weather conditions, showing settings such as speed.

The 230-watt motor powers 9-speed settings and runs extremely quietly so as not to disrupt the round of others on course.

Check it out on Amazon

Downhill braking technology, as in all other models from Motocaddy, will ensure you don’t lose your caddy on steep descents and an electronic parking brake will lock it in position while you take your swing.

Adjustable distance control also allows you to send the caddy up to 150 feet ahead of you, meeting you at the green or next tee while you plan your upcoming shot.

The simple-to-fold two-step system makes transporting and storing the M1 a breeze and the thick, ergonomic handle can be adjusted to comfortably match any player’s height.

Cart-Tek Electric Golf Push Cart With Remote Control

The Cart-Tek Electric Golf Push Cart with Remote Control including accessory bundle is perfect for any golfer who loves value, accessories and showing off just what their gear can do.

This cart has remote, trolley and free-wheel mode, three fantastic options in one.

It is also highly programmable, allowing you to adjust speed, turning force and alter tracking, providing excellent flexibility for any owner.

Like many electric golf caddies in this price range, it boasts a handheld remote, allowing full control with no contact with the cart itself.

A real positive of the Cart-Tek Electric Golf Push cart is the battery, a 24-volt lithium ion battery that may exceed the 27 holes claimed by most other brands.

Cart-Tek advise up to two full rounds can be achieved from a single charge, meaning you may only have to plug in at home once a week.

Both the cart and battery come with a 2-year warranty provided.

The handle height is highly adjustable for golfers of all heights, with the standard setting of 37.5 inches moveable up to 46 inches.

Check it out on Amazon

The full weight (with battery) of 21 pounds means it can be taken in and out of the car without disassembly being required.

It is important to note that this cart does not possess a follow option, something that is often included in these higher end, fully remote models.

While it isn’t necessary, it can be a handy feature for people who wish to fully switch off during the round and not even think about their cart while it meanders along the fairways right next to them.

The payoff of the accessory pack is the added extras, $150 of them in fact, including an umbrella holder, scorecard/ball holder, drink holder and a caddy pack which is a bag for safe storage.

While it may lack one or two features of some of the other brands on the market, Cart-Tek do provide a durable, reliable cart here with a great battery life.

Allinonegolftech Golf Push Cart With Remote Control

The final electric caddy on our list is the Allinonegolftech Push Cart with Remote Control.

This cart boasts a remarkable remote range, operating reliably within 150 metres of the hand-held remote! You could nearly park your cart at the next tee while hitting off on a par three.

This cart has 9 speed settings with a maximum speed of 10 kilometres an hour.

Timed advance functions of 10, 20 and 30 yards can keep pushing your cart forward while you track your playing partner up the fairways or search for a ball.

The dual 12-volt lithium batteries are lightweight and provide a remarkable 36 holes of power per charge.

Check it out on Amazon

The battery life exceeds 400 charges – you’ll get years out of these before needing to even consider replacement.

However, the braking is a little questionable, and automatic braking isn’t the strongest feature of this cart.

If you play an exceptionally undulating or sloping course, you may want something that will brake a bit more independently, otherwise be prepared to use a lower gear and slower speed to avoid the cart running away on steeper slopes.

The one real strength of the Allinonegolftech Golf Push Cart is the accessories.

The cart comes with scorecard holder, drink bottle holder, umbrella holder and a padded seat so you can rest your legs, along with your arms being saved by the fully remote-controlled transportation of your golf bag.

Final message

Fatigue is an absolute killer in the intricate sport of golf, and any little edge could help your game more than you realise.

Additionally, injuries, especially to the upper body, will make it extremely hard to get through a golf game.

Whatever your reason, an electric golf buggy/caddy could be the perfect solution, and if you buy quality, it may just be the long-term investment that takes your golf game from good to great.

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