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Welcome to ProjectGOLF!

If you’ve landed here then, like us, you’re keen to become a better golfer – and we’re here to help you do it.

For years, we’ve enjoyed the highs and lows of the sport and the never-ending pursuit of unlocking the perfect swing.

However, we soon realised the more we researched online for the answers to our questions, the more we discovered that much of the instructional content and equipment reviews scattered across the internet were either incomplete, hard for average players to understand, or simply missing altogether.

So, in order to fill the gap, we decided to launch this website and write clear, concise, researched articles that provide simple, easy-to-follow answers to some of golf’s most-asked questions.

By doing this, we aspire to make ourselves better, more knowledgeable players – we also hope the content we share can help you improve your own game, select the right equipment, and lower your handicap over time.

Our Team

Our mission is also to play as many golf courses around the world as possible can and share our honest feedback about each of them to help you – our readers – to plan your next golf adventure.

Our reviews cover the important things golfers want to know about a new course before playing there – is the pace of play good, what’s the condition of the fairways and greens, is there a driving range and most importantly is it worth my time and money to play there?

ProjectGOLF endeavors to answer all those questions, with our reviews written by authentic, average golfers – just like you – who have been there before, and are now sharing their stories and knowledge to make your next golfing experience a great one.

Thanks for joining us on our journey and we hope our content can help you achieve your own golfing goals.

Don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

Happy golfing!