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Can You Bring Golf Clubs In An Uber? The golf clubs certainly fit in most boot sizes.

Bringing Golf Clubs in an Uber: 5 Tips To Keep Your Clubs Safe

Can you bring golf clubs in an Uber? It’s the question every golfer will ask at some point. We’ve done some research and found the answer.

Low Spin Golf Balls

Explained: Why Distance Golf Balls Go Straighter (But Spin Less)

Distance golf balls generally fly straighter and longer than regular or premium models. We explain why this is the case.

Golf Club Distances

Distance Data: How Far Each Golf Club Should Go (Pros vs Amateurs)

We crunch the numbers and analyze the data on just how far each golf club in your bag should go, depending on skill level and conditions.

Golfer in front of different size club shafts

Does Golf Club Length Matter? How To Select Your Shaft Size

Too many golfers buy clubs straight from the rack, giving little thought to whether they are the right size. Here’s how to tell if they are.

Golfer riding in a golf cart

Is Golf A Sport? 11 Reasons Why It’s More Than A Game

We explain the 11 key reasons why golf is absolutely a sport – and more than simply a game or hobby, as some people suggest.

Male and female golfer having fun

Is Golf Fun? 11 Things That Make It A Super Enjoyable Sport

Golf is one of the most fun sports in the world to play. We list 11 reasons why you should grab your clubs and hit the fairways.


9 Must Buy Irons Are Game Changing For High Handicappers

As a high handicapper, using the right irons can help you improve quickly. Here’s nine game improvement irons you should consider buying.

The best golf rangefinders of 2024

11 Best Golf Rangefinders You Should Try 2024

Golf requires precision and accuracy, and one of the best tools you can have in your game is a rangefinder. We set out to find the best golf rangefinders to help you dominate the fairway in 2024.

Lag Shot Golf Review

Lag Shot Golf Review: Do These Clubs Live Up To The Hype?

The Lag Shot is one of the most promoted golf swing training aids on the market. But does it actually work? We tested it to find out.

Golf Tees Sizes

What Size Golf Tees Should You Use? A Comprehensive Guide

Picking the right sized golf tee is more important than you might realise. Our complete guide tells you which tees to use for each club.

Srixon Zx4 irons vs Titleist T300 irons

Srixon ZX4 vs Titleist T300 Irons: Which Ones Suit Your Game?

The Srixon ZX4 and Titleist T300 irons are two popular choices for amateur golfers, but which ones are best? We give our verdict.

Cobra Aerojet vs Aerojet LS vs Aerojet Max drivers

Review: Cobra Aerojet vs Aerojet LS vs Aerojet Max Drivers

Cobra’s Aerojet drivers are getting plenty of attention from golfers worldwide. But what separates the different models? Let’s take a look.


PING G425 vs PING G430 Irons Review: Is The Newer Model Worth It?

We’ve reviewed both the PING G425 and G430 irons. Read on to find out our top pick and whether the G430s are worth the upgrade.

Cobra Aerojet vs Aerojet LS vs Aerojet MAX

Cobra Aerojet vs Aerojet LS vs Aerojet MAX: Fairway Wood Face-Off

We delve into the new Aerojet line of fairway woods from Cobra, giving insight into the best option for you (and whether they are any good).

TaylorMade P770 vs P790 Irons

TaylorMade P770 vs P790 Golf Irons: Which Are Better?

The TaylorMade P770 and P790 irons are hugely popular among golfers. But which are better? We reveal which players should be using them.

Stealth 2 vs Stealth 2 Plus vs Stealth 2 HD

Driver Review: TaylorMade Stealth 2 vs Stealth 2 Plus vs Stealth 2 HD

Which is the better driver: the TaylorMade Stealth 2, Stealth 2 Plus or Stealth 2 HD? We’ve tested all of them and shared our findings.

Paradym and Paradym X Hybrid

Callaway Paradym vs Paradym X Hybrids: A Complete Comparison

Callaway’s Paradym and Paradym X hybrids are some of the best on the market: but which are better? We review both clubs and give our verdict.

Callaway Paradym Vs TaylorMade Stealth Irons

Callaway Paradym vs TaylorMade Stealth Irons: Which Are Better?

Both Callaway and TaylorMade have released their newest game improvement offerings. We review and compare the two, telling you which is best.



Golf grip 1

Strong vs Weak Golf Grip: Which Should You Be Using?

How you grip the golf club is super important to your game. But should your grip be strong or weak? We explain the pros and cons of each.

How The Golf Swing Should Feel From Start To Finish (Full Guide)

Feeling is everything in the golf swing: from grip to stance, tempo, takeaway, downswing and impact. We explain how it should all feel.

Golfer with straight left arm

Keeping Left Arm Straight In The Golf Swing: Should You Do It?

Should your left arm stay completely straight during the golf swing? We bust some of the myths surrounding this common technique.

Toe Up Or Flat: How Should Golf Clubs Sit At Address?

Setting your club with the correct amount of toe up at address can be the difference between a good and bad shot. We explain why.

Golf club topping the golf ball

How To Stop Topping The Golf Ball (And Avoid Embarrassment)

Topped shots are about as frustrating as it gets in golf. Follow our simple tips to remove this nasty habit from your game.

Beginner swinging a golf club

How To Swing A Golf Club For Beginners (Step By Step)

Starting out in golf can be a daunting proposition, but our full swing guide for beginners will help you master the basics.

Golfer pivoting correctly in his swing

How To Pivot In The Golf Swing (And Why It’s So Important)

Mastering the pivot in your golf swing is one of the best ways to improve your ball-striking. We explain how to do it the right way.

Golfer showing good tempo

Golf Swing Tempo: Why Slowing Down Isn’t Always The Answer

Golf swing tempo doesn’t simply mean swinging slowly. Here’s how to maintain a smooth tempo no matter how fast you swing the club.

Getting Stuck In Downswing: Why It Happens And How To Fix It

Getting stuck in the downswing can be disastrous for your golf game. We explain why it happens and how you can fix it.

Tee Height Tips: How High To Tee The Golf Ball For Every Club

Tee height is vital in golf and will vary depending on which club you’re using. We explain how high you should tee the ball for every club.

Golfer doing swing speed training

Golf Speed Training: Why It Can Guarantee Mega Distance Gains

Want to bomb your driver like Bryson DeChambeau? Golf speed training is a sure-fire way to guarantee big distance gains. Here’s how it works.

Golfer getting shown the correct grip

Are Golf Training Grips Legal? (Here’s When You Can Use Them)

You may not legally be allowed to use golf grip trainers during competition, but they are excellent for grooving your grip during practice.