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Bag Boy Compact 3 Review: The Best Golf Push Cart You Can Buy

When I first started my search for a new golf push cart a few years ago, I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted.

I needed a cart that was durable; could be folded into a very compact size in order to fit into my car; was easy to set-up and pack-down; and also looked modern and ‘cool’.

After trawling online for at least a month, and visiting half a dozen golf stores in my home city, I finally landed on the perfect choice: the Bag Boy Compact 3 push cart.

If you’re reading this, it means you’re considering purchasing the Bag Boy Compact 3 as well – and I’m here to reassure you why you should.

Having owned this push cart for almost three years, I can say it has never skipped a beat and I have no intention of replacing or upgrading it in the forseeable future.

So, if you’ve got a few spare minutes, please keep reading – by the end of this article, you’ll be confident that the Bag Boy Compact 3 is the perfect push cart for you too.

What makes the Bag Boy Compact 3 the ultimate push cart?

There are so many reasons why this push cart is incredible value and ideal for every golfer.

And to ensure no stone is left unturned, I’m going to take you through point-by-point all the features that set the Bag Boy Compact 3 apart from its competitors.

Super compact

Without question, the Bag Boy Compact 3’s standout feature is how compact it is.

In just one swift movement, all at the push of a single button, the Bag Boy folds down to the dimensions 21.5” x 13” x 18” ­– which is tiny!

It’s so small, you could probably fit three or even four of these push carts into the luggage area of a hatchback car, no problem.

The advantage of having a super compact push cart means you can fit your golf bag into your vehicle with ease.

Simply put, there are few – if any – push carts I’ve come across that fold down as tightly as the Bag Boy Compact 3.

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The Bag Boy Compact 3 folds down into a tiny space.
It fits easily into my Subaru Impreza hatch.


You may think that because this push cart is compact means that it must lack storage space – but this is not the case!

The Bag Boy Compact 3 is designed with an extra deep scorecard holder, which has plenty of space to stash your scorecard, phone, sunglasses, tees, balls and even your rangefinder.

It also has an in-built drink bottle holder than can fit a standard 1.5L bottle quite easily (or even a beer can or bottle if you’re feeling festive), meaning you can easily stay hydrated during a round – rather than storing it in your golf bag and forgetting about it.

The scorecard holder has ample storage for your phone and other items.


I know what you’re thinking: if the Bag Boy is so compact, it must mean that it’s flimsy and prone to breakage, right? In fact, it’s the opposite.

This push cart is as solid as a rock – trust me, I’ve tested it.

Unlike some golfers, who clean their clubs every time they use them and treat their gear with kit-gloves, I tend to be a little more industrial with the use of my equipment – and a typical morning before a round involves me, quite literally, throwing my push cart and clubs into my car and racing to the course.

There’s been times where the Bag Boy has banged against the walls of my car as I turn a corner, or enter a roundabout, and never once has it shown the slightest hint of damage – even after three years.

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The reason for this is the Bag Boy’s super durable, extra wide frame.

I’m not completely sure what lightweight material it is made out of, but one thing is for certain – it is virtually unbreakable.

Additionally, the push cart’s solid-foam, maintenance-free tyres – because they don’t require air – are rock solid and will require zero upkeep and likely last a lifetime.

The frame is nice and wide, giving the Bag Boy Compact 3 great stability.


The Bag Boy Compact 3 has some cool perks that are essential for any push cart.

The first is a universal umbrella holder: while the Bag Boy comes with a basic standard-issue umbrella holder, if you wish to upgrade to something better then you can do so knowing it will fit your push cart no problem.

The second are the Velcro straps which – unlike some other carts and their annoying clip straps – means you can set-up and pack-up your golf bag in under 10 seconds due to their ease of use.

The third, and final, feature is the hand brake conveniently located right next to the durable handlebar grip, which is used to secure the push cart in place and prevent it from rolling down hilly fairways when you stop to take your shot.

It’s far easier to use than those annoying foot brakes that some other push carts have.

The parking brake is located in a convenient position.
On the left is the Bag Boy’s standard-issue umbrella holder, which I replaced with a better holder (right).


While all of the above features are a big tick from a technical and usability standpoint, there is one thing that cannot be quantified when it comes to the Bag Boy Compact 3 – and that is how cool it looks.

I really wanted a push cart that would stand the test of time in the style department, and I can comfortably say the Bag Boy has passed the test.

Unlike other push carts that can look bulky, or cheap, or flimsy, from first glance you can immediately tell that this is a quality piece of machinery – and having pushed it around the course on countless occasions over the past three years, I can attest that its performance matches its style.

Whether you get it in the color black, silver and black, black and red, it doesn’t matter – the Bag Boy Compact 3 will look awesome, regardless.

What are the key features of the Bag Boy Compact 3 push cart?

Right, so to quickly recap, here are the key features that, in my opinion, make the Bag Boy Compact 3 one of the best – if not the best – push cart on the market:

  • Full feature extra deep scorecard holder includes: golf ball storage and smart phone holder
  • Extra wide, durable frame
  • Simple three-step fold for compact storage
  • Easy one-step handle adjustment accommodates golfers of all heights
  • Stand and cart bag friendly upper bag bracket with adjustable support arms
  • Oversized storage bag
  • Integrated beverage holder
  • Durable handlebar grip
  • Umbrella holder included
  • Tee and Ball marker holder
  • Lightweight, solid foam maintenance free tires
  • Folded dimensions 21.5” x 13” x 18”
  • Weight: 15 lbs
How my Bag Boy Compact 3 push cart looks after being fully set-up for my round of golf.

Are there any cons to the Bag Boy Compact 3 push cart?

Okay, I’ve listed all the great features about the Bag Boy Compact 3, it’s only fair that I outline a couple of things that could be seen as negatives (although, personally I don’t think they detract from this push cart at all).

The first is the front wheel does not swivel, and instead is fixed into position – because the front wheel is locked in place, and unable to pivot, it can at times make the push cart prone to tipping over when walking over rough terrain, or scaling the edge of a steep slope.

I’ve never found this to be much of an issue, however, and can count on one hand the amount of times the cart has actually tipped over due to losing balance – it’s an extremely rare occurrence.

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The only other negative I can think of is that the Bag Boy Compact 3, because of its sleek design, does not have an in-built seat that you can sit on during your round.

This is likely to be something older players should give consideration to, as having a push cart with a seat is extremely handy to be able to rest your weary legs midway through a round (because I’m still relatively young, I don’t find the need to sit down when playing 18 holes).

For me, I would much rather a push cart that is compact, opposed to one that has a seat incorporated into the design (making it bulkier, and harder to set-up and fold-down).

The whole push cart folds down quickly and easily with the push of a button.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does the Bag Boy come with an umbrella holder?

Yes. The Bag Boy Compact 3 has a universal umbrella holder slot, and comes with a basic standard-issue umbrella holder. If you wish to upgrade your holder at a later date, the Bag Boy will accommodate the new model easily.

Where can I get replacement straps if mine break?

If for whatever reason you need to replace the straps on your Bag Boy Compact 3, the best place to buy them would be on the Bag Boy website.

Does the Bag Boy Compact 3 push cart have ball bearings on the wheels?

Yes. The Bag Boy Compact 3 has sealed bearings with a shaft, which enables the wheels to come off extremely easily. But most of the time, the push cart folds down so small that you rarely, if ever, need to take the wheels off.

Does the front wheel swivel/pivot?

No. The front wheel of the Bag Boy Compact 3 does not swivel or pivot. It is fixed into place.

Does the upper handle adjust?

Yes. The upper handle adjusts up and down to a height that is comfortable for you.

What is the length of the Bag Boy cart when folded?

When folded, the Bag Boy Compact 3 has dimensions of 21.5” x 13” x 18”.

Should I buy the Bag Boy Compact 3 push cart?

Yes! I absolutely love my Bag Boy Compact 3 and think it’s up there as one of the best push carts available today, for all the reasons I’ve outlined above. Don’t hesitate in grabbing yourself a Bag Boy Compact 3, you won’t regret it!


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  1. Great review and thank you. Today my son became the proud owner of a Compact 3 here in Sydney and can’t wait to use it tomorrow! It looks great and your review was an excellent support for us as we made our decision. Cheers – Dave and young Will

  2. Thanks for reading David, and that’s really great to hear! Glad to know I’ve been able to help you make your choice in some way. Your son definitely won’t regret it, as I wrote in my review, I love my Compact 3 and have no doubts he will too. Happy golfing! Cheers, Grady

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