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Be Like Freddie: 13 Trendy Golf Visors To Wear On The Course

When it comes to golf visors you either love them, or you hate them.

Seemingly more popular during the 1970s, 80s and even 90s – with players like Fred Couples oozing class and coolness while wearing one – there seems to have been somewhat of a decline in recent years in regards to how many stars use visors on the PGA Tour.

But that being said, there are still golfers who swear by them and are rarely seen on-course without them – multiple major-winner Bubba Watson and Ian Poulter are two who spring to mind.

Personally, I’m a fan of retro sportswear and think the visor is very much here to stay – there’s something liberating about feeling the wind in your hair while bombing drives off the tee (I’d liken it to driving a convertible with the top down).

No doubt, others will disagree. But that’s the beauty of golf fashion, there are so many options to suit all tastes.

In this article, I’ll list my top picks for golf visors – but first, let’s answer some common questions about these popular pieces of apparel.

What is a golf visor?

A golf visor is essentially an open-topped golf cap. Its design comprises a peak to keep the sun out of your eyes, while the non-enclosed crown improves breathability as it leaves the top of your head exposed and allows heat to escape. The strap at the back is usually adjustable to suit different head sizes.

Why do golfers wear visors?

Golfers who wear visors do so for a number of reasons: 1) Because they are trendy and worn by some of the world’s top players; 2) Because they help keep their head cooler on warm days, thanks to their open-top design; and 3) Because they are very adjustable, thanks to the rear strap.

Are golf visors cool?

Golfer visors are cool – both in a fashion sense, and a temperature sense. Players like Fred Couples have made it ‘cool’ to wear visors on the golf course. Similarly, the visor’s open-top design means it is cooler (from a temperate perspective) than a traditional cap, which has an enclosed top and is more likely to stop heat escaping from your head.

Are golf visors better than hats?

Golf visors have distinct advantages, but also disadvantages compared to hats. Visors will keep the sun out of your eyes; keep your head cool; and are very adjustable. However, they don’t provide any protection for the top of your head, or back of your neck, from the sun – something which a bucket hat, or wide-brimmed hat will do quite well. You’re more at risk of sunburn while wearing a visor compared to a hat.

Do pro golfers wear visors?

Golf visors have been worn by some of the most famous pro golfers on the planet over the years. Players such as Arnold Palmer, Johnny Miller, Larry Mize and Sandy Lyle brought them into fashion during the 1960s, 70s and 80s. The super-cool Fred Couples made the visor somewhat of his trademark during the 90s, while more recently Bubba Watson, Ian Poulter and Phil Mickelson have won tournaments while wearing them.

Best men’s golf visors to wear

There are so many options for men’s players seeking a new golf visor to wear on the course – each with their own subtle differences when it comes to shape, size and color.

Here are my favourite picks.

Callaway 2022 Tour Authentic High Crown Visor

The latest offering from Callaway when it comes to visors, the Tour Authentic model is the standout choice for me.

It has a high-profile crown (meaning the front of the visor will cover more of your forehead, giving it that traditional look and added sun protection), and has been manufactured using moisture wicking fabric to help keep you cool.

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The cooling sweatband stitched into the front of the visor will absorb moisture from your forehead, and stop it dripping into your eyes while your line up your drive or putt, while the adjustable back-strap makes it a one-size-fits-all.

The Callaway Tour Authentic High Crown Visor comes in three colors – black, white and heather – giving you enough options to choose from when it comes to matching your existing golf wardrobe (which could include hoodies, joggers or even sunglasses).

Callaway 2020 Liquid Metal Adjustable Visor

Another from the Callaway catalogue, the Callaway Liquid Metal Adjustable Visor’s big point of difference is the slimmer crown and exclusive color options.

Only available in navy and royal blue, this visor is made using Callaway’s top-quality manufacturing meaning you can purchase with confidence, knowing it will last.

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It has a standard cooling sweatband incorporated into the design, and an adjustable strap for a customised fit.

If you like a visor that doesn’t have a big, sometimes bulky profile, this model from Callaway is a good choice.

TaylorMade 2019 High Crown Visor

This offering from TaylorMade is pretty basic, but is sure to be appealing for players who swear by the TaylorMade brand.

The high-crown visor is simple in its design and is available in two colors – white or black – meaning it will match just about any outfit you wish to wear on the course.

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However, where the TaylorMade visor does lose marks compared to its rivals is in the quality of the manufacturing.

Unlike the Callaway 2022 Tour Authentic visor, it has very limited padding in the crown – meaning it won’t absorb sweat as well, and potentially won’t be as comfortable – while the way it has been cut may not fit snuggly around some players’ foreheads.

But, if you love TaylorMade, and love the color black, this is probably the best you’ll find.

Under Armour Men’s Golf 96 Visor

If Under Armour poster-boy Jordan Spieth was ever to don a visor on the PGA Tour, it’s likely this would be the one he would wear.

In keeping with the brand’s minimalist theme, the Under Armour Men’s Golf 96 Visor is pretty basic – it doesn’t have a super-high crown, nor is it overly bulky (giving it a modern, rather than retro look).

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It’s made from 100 percent polyester, has a thin sweatband stitched into the crown and a standard adjustable strap at the back.

Available in black/white or white/academy blue, you really can’t go wrong with this visor.

Nike Men’s Visor

As the only Nike golf visor I’ve deemed worthy adding to this list (the Nike Unisex Visor didn’t quite make the cut), there were a few things that made it stand out to be.

The first was the visible stitching pattern that is contrasted against either a navy, white or black color scheme – depending on which one you buy – and weaves its way around the peak and crown of the visor, giving it a retro look.

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The visor is fashioned from Nike’s dri-fit moisture management technology – meaning it’ll soak up sweat quickly to keep you comfortable – while the adjustable strap uses a ‘hook and loop’ closure method to give a custom fit.

If you love Nike, then you’ll love wearing this visor on-course.

Titleist Men’s Visor

The Titleist golf visor has claims to being one of the thinnest, sleekest options available online.

If you hate the big, high, bulky crown of the Callaway or TaylorMade models, then this may be the visor for you.

Check the price on Amazon

Available in either charcoal or white, the Titleist visor has all the traditional appearances of the brand’s standard cap (with the Pro V1 logo stitched onto the side).

The strap at the back is made from Velcro, making it super easy to adjust, while the moisture-wicking sweatband will keep sweat from dripping in your eyes while playing or practicing.

Adidas Men’s Superlite Performance Visor

If you want options when it comes to color choices, you won’t do any better than the Adidas Men’s Superlite Performance Visor.

This trendy creation – which is super comfortable thanks to its 87 percent polyester and 13 percent spandex composition – is available in a whopping 20 different colors including maroon/dark grey, alumina black/white, black/metallic gold, royal blue/grey, and white/black/blue just to name a few (head to Amazon to check out all the colors).

Check the price on Amazon

If you love the retro look, then you’ll likely find a design that suits you perfectly with this visor.

Lastly, the mesh design promotes excellent airflow and moisture wicking, while the non-glare under-visor helps improve vision – both of which make the Adidas Men’s Superlite Performance Visor one of the top choices.

Adidas Men’s Tour Visor

If Xander Schauffele was to wear a visor on the PGA Tour, this is likely what you’d see him in.

The Adidas Men’s Tour Visor has a decent selection of colors (just not as many as the Adidas Superlite), and is available in black, grey, navy, white and red – giving you plenty of options.

Check the price on Amazon

It’s a simple design with a slim-profile crown, pre-curved brim, and adjustable hook-and-loop backstrap – all of which is made from 100 percent polyester.

Adidas does ‘simple’ really well, and this visor is an example of how less can often be best.

Bridgestone Tour High Crown Visor

Looking to harness your inner Brandt Snedeker? If yes, then the Bridgestone Tour High Crown Visor is just what you need.

As the name suggests, this model has a high-profile crown that extends farther up your forehead than some of the sleeker, slim-cut alternatives on this list – this will appeal to some golfers, but not to others (personally, I’m a fan).

Check the price on Amazon

The Terry Cloth sweatband stitched into the visor creates an extra layer of comfort, while the rear strap is adjustable (but uses a hook-and-loop, rather than Velcro).

Available in black and white, the Bridgestone Tour High Crown Visor is a simple but appealing design for golfers who love wearing a bulkier-looking visor.

Best women’s golf visors to wear

Now that we’ve assessed the best men’s golf visors you can buy, it’s time to look at what women’s visors are on offer.

Here’s my top four picks.

Puma Women’s Sport Visor

Topping the list is the Puma Women’s Sport Visor, which has a sleek look and comes in plenty of different colors.

You can purchase this visor in either bright white, cloud pink, light lavender, navy or black.

Check the price on Amazon

But it’s the 86 percent polyester and 14 percent elastane blend that gives the Puma Women’s Sport Visor its silky, classy feel.

With the fabric also moisture-wicking for extra comfort, it’s hard to go past this visor.

Adidas Women’s Superlite Performance Visor

As a big fan of the men’s version, it’s no surprise I’m also an advocate of the Adidas Women’s Superlite Performance Visor.

The color selection is simply unrivalled by any other visors on this list, with an incredible 27 to choose from – including maroon/blue/white, black/coral/purple, onix/pink, and green/grey, just to name a few.

Check the price on Amazon

I would be very, very surprised if you can’t find a color scheme you like.

From a functional standpoint, the Adidas Women’s Superlite Performance Visor comprises 87 percent polyester and 13 percent spandex – making it extremely comfortable – and has mesh along the sides to encourage maximum airflow and moisture evaporation.

It ticks all the boxes you can think of.

Callaway 2019 Women’s Clip Visor

The Callaway 2019 Women’s Clip Visor is a significant departure from other models on this list in terms of appearance.

What makes it unique is the almost non-existent crown, leaving basically only the peak as the main protection against sun glare.

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The advantage of this is added airflow through your hair – due to less of your head being covered by the visor’s crown – with the disadvantage being less protection against the elements.

Additionally, there is no adjustable strap at the rear – instead, the visor clips to your head and is supported by your ears, much like a headband.

Available in black, charcoal, purple and silver, the Callaway 2019 Women’s Clip Visor is a great choice if you’re looking for something extremely lightweight.

SAAKA Super Absorbent Women’s Visor

While SAAKA isn’t a renowned golf brand, its Super Absorbent Women’s Visor is more than suitable to wear on-course.

This visor is made from bamboo viscose fabric and a high-tech polyester/spandex microfiber to provide maximum comfort, while keeping it lightweight.

Check the price on Amazon

Additionally, it is designed to be completely unstructured (unlike other visors which can have a stiff, firm crown) meaning it never feels hard while wearing it.

What makes the SAAKA visor ‘super absorbent’ is the highly-wicking microfiber that surrounds the bamboo viscose fabric, creating a sweatband that will soak up all moisture rapidly.

Thrown in the fact the SAAKA comes in four colors – black, white, graphite and pink – and it’s a great alternative to your traditional golf brands.

Final message

Golf visors are a way to show some personality on the course.

They look cool while keeping you feeling cool, and offer a perfect alternative to a cap, bucket hat or wide-brimmed hat, particularly when the weather is nice and you’re keen to feel the wind through your hair while you’re playing your round.

Hopefully this list has helped you find one that suits your taste – happy golfing!