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These 11 Golf Hoodies Will Set You Apart On The Course

When Tyrrell Hatton won the 2020 BMW PGA Championship while wearing a hoodie, little did he know it was a landmark moment for golf fashion.

As he raised the trophy aloft after his four-stroke victory, the conversation shifted away from the triumph itself and more towards his choice of apparel during the tournament.

His eye-catching outfit immediately had weekend warriors like me once again asking ourselves the all-important question…

Can you wear a hoodie golfing?

Many golf clubs are relaxing their dress codes to permit hoodies to be worn on the course. However, some clubs – especially those with older members – are sticking to tradition and not allowing hoodies to be worn. If you’re planning on wearing a hoodie on-course, it’s advisable to contact the golf club before your round to ensure it’s acceptable to do so.

Sadly, for many stuck-in-their-ways golf club members across the globe, Hatton’s hoodie is a monstrosity – a symbol of golf’s progression into the new era, where more and more young people are looking to take up the game, and a wave goodbye to stale, outdated dress codes.

I’m talking about people like me, who would love to be allowed to wear a hoodie on the golf course; firstly, because they are super comfortable and warm – perfect for those early morning rounds – and secondly, because they look awesome.

Tyrrell Hatton – golf fashion pioneer.

So, will we see more and more golfers ‘rocking the hoodie’ moving forward?

Golf superstar Rory McIlroy is another player who got tongues wagging recently by wearing a hoodie during the final round at the 2020 ZOZO Championship, where he shot a six-under 66.

Maybe this is a changing of the guard in the world of golf fashion (we’re already seeing more players wear joggers).

I honestly hope we see more pros wearing hoodies, and that they become an acceptable piece of golf attire at all courses – because there are already some cool designs available online that I’ve got my eye on.

Best golf hoodies in 2022

There are already some great golf hoodies available online, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more and more hit the market following Hatton’s breakthrough win.

I’ve had a look online and picked out my 11 favourite hoodies that are perfect for wearing while playing golf (should your golf club permit them).

Top pick

Nike Men’s Pullover Therma Hoodie

As someone who owns Nike golf t-shirts and collared pullovers, I can confidently vouch for the quality of this brand – and have full confidence its hoodie offering will also be of the highest standard.

If I was looking for a hoodie that is suited to all weather conditions, this would without doubt be the one I’d buy – and I’ll explain why.

The Nike Men’s Pullover Therma Hoodie is made from the company’s authentic dri-fit material, which, according to their website, “is an innovative polyester fabric designed to help keep you dry so you can more comfortably work harder for longer”.

It continues: “Dri-fit’s unique high-performance microfibre construction supports the body’s natural cooling system by wicking away sweat and dispersing it evenly throughout the surface of the garment so it evaporates quickly.”

Essentially, this hoodie will keep you dry – even if you perspire during your round – while also keeping your body at a comfortable temperature from the first tee-shot to the last. That sounds pretty good to me.

The fabric is also extremely flexible, meaning you’ll have no issues with swinging your golf club freely.

A word of warning though: the hoodie is slim-fitted, so if you prefer a looser fit, I’d recommend buying a size bigger than what you normally would. This is common amongst all Nike golf apparel.

As a final bonus, the Nike Men’s Pullover Therma Hoodie comes in 10 different colors, leaving you plenty options to choose from.

This is without doubt my favourite golf hoodie available online.

– Lightweight– Size up for looser fit
– Durable/flexible
– Dri-fit technology
– Suitable to all conditions
– Huge variety of colors

Other great picks

Puma Golf 2020 Men’s Ponto Hoodie

With trendy, popular 2016 The Players Championship winner Rickie Fowler as the face of the company, it’s no surprise Puma is already branching into the golf hoodie market – and the 2020 Men’s Ponto hoodie could be a sign of things to come.

It comes in three colours – dark denim, deep lichen green, high rise grey – and is made from a soft, French Terry fleece which is not only warm, but flexible, which means you won’t be restricted when swinging the golf club.

The front pocket is perfect for holding on-course items such as tees, ball markers or groove cleaners during your round, while the camo pattern stitched inside the hood is trademark Puma – and matches a lot of the designs they’ve incorporated into their golf caps and t-shirts.

The only downside to this hoodie – if there is one – is that it’s more lightweight than some other designs and isn’t made from dri-fit material, meaning it’s better suited to dry, cool weather conditions, not rain, as it’s not waterproof.

If you want to look like the coolest cat on the course, the Puma Golf 2020 Men’s Ponto Hoodie is a great choice for you.

– Lightweight– Not water resistant
– Durable/flexible– Limited colors
– Trendy design– Unsuitable in wet weather
– Suited to dry conditions

Puma Golf 2020 Men’s Runway Hoodie

As the more conservative hoodie offering from Puma, the Men’s Runway Hoodie has a few key differences that distinguishes it from the Men’s Ponto Hoodie.

Unlike the Ponto version, the Runway Hoodie is made from 81 per cent polyester, 14 per cent cotton and 5 per cent wool, rather than comprising mostly cotton.

As a result, the Runway Hoodie does a better job at blocking out wind – which is essential when you’re playing in gusty, cold conditions – while its Drycell technology, similar to Nike’s Dri-fit design, draws sweat away from your skin to help keep you dry and comfortable.

While the material is thicker than the lightweight Ponto Hoodie, it is just as stretchy and won’t restrict your golf swing in the slightest.

Additionally, instead of having a front pocket, the Runway Hoodie has a full-length zipper which gives it a more streamline look, but sacrifices on storage – this could be a positive or a negative, depending on your personal preference.

Lastly, it comes in three colors – Peacoat Blue, Puma Black and Quiet Shade Gray – giving you enough choice.

– Lightweight– Size up for looser fit
– Durable/flexible– Limited colors
– Drycell technology– No front pockets
– Suitable to all conditions

Nike Men’s Therma Training Hoodie

The Nike Men’s Therma Training Hoodie is similar to the brand’s standard Therma Hoodie, with a few subtle differences.

Most notably, the Training Hoodie is made from 100 per cent polyester Nike Therma-fit fabric, which is, according to their website, “a double-brushed microfiber fleece that retains energy and resists heat loss”.

It continues: Nike Therma-fit provides maximum insulation from cold and wind with minimal weight and bulk”.

So, while Nike’s standard Therma Hoodie is made from Dry-fit technology, which breathes a little easier and prevents perspiration, the Training Hoodie may keep you warmer but breathe a little less.

This could be a good or bad thing, depending on the conditions you’re playing in – if the weather outside is icy cold, the Training Hoodie is the better choice, without question.

Other features of this design are the three-panel hood and sleek interior pocket – perfect for stashing tees or a scorecard – while the ribbed cuffs will prevent your sleeves from slipping over your hands, which can be a huge annoyance for golfers.

Lastly, it is available in the colors blue void, grey, thunder blue/light carbon and olive canvas/black.

If you want a lightweight hoodie that will keep you snug on the golf course, without impinging on your swing, then the Training Hoodie is a great choice.

– Lightweight– Size up for looser fit
– Durable/flexible– Limited colors
– Therma-fit technology– Not waterproof
– Trendy design– No front pockets
– Extra warm

Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Tech 1/4 Zip Hoodie

If you’re someone who likes to wear tight-fitting clothing on the golf course, then you’re going to love the Under Armour HeatGear Tech 1/4 Zip Hoodie.

While the name is a mouthful to pronounce, this offering from Under Armour – which sponsor multi major-winner Jordan Spieth – is simple yet effective.

The HeatGear Tech is arguably the most lightweight design on this list, with its quick-drying, thin polyester fabric quite appealing for players who don’t like to feel too bulky, or wear too many layers, during a round.

Similarly, if you’re like me and don’t like too much loose clothing flapping about when you’re playing golf, the slim cut design of this hoodie will be right up your alley – if you prefer a looser fit, I’d definitely recommend getting a size up.

With seven different colors to choose from – including red, black, blue, navy, steel, white, royal and royal white – the HeatGear Tech caters for a variety of tastes.

This hoodie could also quite easily be worn to the gym or while jogging, with its multi-purpose use adding extra appeal.

– Lightweight– Thinner material
– Durable/flexible– Not as warm
– Under Armour technology– Size up for looser fit
– Slim-fit design– No front pockets
– Variety of colors

Adidas Men’s Adicross Hoodie

There are so many reasons why I love the Adidas Adicross Hoodie – the main one being because it looks freakin’ awesome.

Unlike some other golfing apparel, which can tend to be a little conservative, the Adidas hoodie has a design that is immediately eye-catching.

If you’re looking to look like a boss on the golf course, this is the hoodie I’d buy.

In terms of comfort, the Adicross Hoodie ticks the right boxes – being made from 67 per cent cotton and 33 per cent polyester adds inner warm, but also does enough to block out cool wind.

The large front pocket is handy for storage, while the half-and-half color design on the hood and at the base of the hoodie gives it a completely unique look.

There are five colors to choose from – black, dove grey, black/dark grey, royal blue, white – and this hoodie could quite easily be worn casually away from the golf course.

I’ll be adding this one to my own wishlist very soon – I absolutely love it.

– Lightweight– Not waterproof
– Durable/flexible– No Dri-fit technology
– Trendy design– Less wind resistant
– Ample storage– No front pockets
– Multi-purpose use

Under Armour Men’s Storm Fleece Hoodie

If you want a hoodie that is both lightweight but rain resistant, the Under Armour Men’s Storm Fleece Hoodie should be at the top of your wishlist.

This stylish piece of golf apparel, created using Under Armour’s ‘storm armour’ technology, is designed to “repel water without sacrificing breathability”, according to the company’s website.

It adds this hoodie should block out rain, sleet and snow – making it an ideal choice if you’re planning on playing golf when wet weather is lurking nearby.

The other appealing factors include the soft inner layer, which traps heat for added warmth and comfort, plus hand pockets stitched into the front of the hoodie.

Some users say this hoodie can be a little tight to wear, so purchasing a size up is advisable if you like a looser fit.

It’s available in the colors black, true gray, artillery green, carbon, stealth grey, midnight navy, and mediterranean.

In summary, the main standout feature and appeal of the Storm Armour Hoodie is its rain-resistant fabric which enables golfers to wear it during both wet and dry conditions.

A truly versatile choice.

– Lightweight– Size up for looser fit
– Durable/flexible
– Under Armour technology
– Water resistant
– Variety of colors

Under Armour Men’s Tech 2.0 Full Zip Hoodie

Lightweight, stretchy, comfortable and eye-catching – the Under Armour Men’s Tech 2.0 Full Zip Hoodie is perfect for golf in cool but dry conditions.

Slightly more looser fitting and using thicker material than the Under Armour HeatGear Tech, this hoodie has a lot going for it.

While it is less suited to wet or very frosty conditions than Nike’s offerings, this hoodie will do a perfect job of keeping your comfortable, and looking stylish, in most conditions.

Similarly, if it is a bit warmer and you start sweating, the Under Armour Tech fabric, according their website, is “super-breathable, wicks sweat and regulates body temperature so you feel cooler, drier, and lighter than ever”.

Essentially, this is the perfect hoodie if you’re playing golf during spring or autumn, when temperatures are usually moderate but dry.

The trademark Under Armour camo comes in seven colors – graphite blue, mechanic blue, black, black/white, pitch gray/black, gray and blue – giving you plenty of choice.

The full-zip design is unique to this hoodie, but it does mean it comes without a front pocket – as such, it has no storage for belongings.

This is an ideal lightweight hoodie for golf.

– Lightweight– Size up for looser fit
– Durable/flexible– Not as warm
– Under Armour technology– Not waterproof
– Water resistant
– Variety of colors

Nike Men’s Sportswear Club Pullover Hoodie

Unlike some of its rivals on this list, the Nike Men’s Sportswear Club Pullover Hoodie isn’t equipped with rain resistant or dri-fit technology – it’s simply a stock standard, 82 percent cotton casual hoodie.

But that’s what I like about it.

Because it doesn’t look like a ‘traditional, sporty’ piece of golf apparel, the Sportswear Club Pullover can be worn on and off the course quite easily without raising any eyebrows.

You’d be just as comfortable sinking birdies in this hoodie as you would be heading out to the movie cinema.

But in terms of golf performance, the Sportswear Club Pullover ticks plenty of boxes – it’s lightweight, flexible, and fleece-lined for extra comfort during those chilly, early morning rounds.

While it may not blow you away visually, this hoodie has one of the biggest range of color choices out there and is available in nine different tones – charcoal, light grey, university red, white, black, obsidian, pink, orange and grey.

If you want a hoodie you can rock anywhere – whether it’s on the golf course, or otherwise – you can’t go wrong with this one.

– Lightweight– Not waterproof
– Durable/flexible– No Dri-fit technology
– Trendy design– Less wind resistant
– Ample storage
– Multi-purpose use

Three Sixty Six Dry Fit Men’s Zip Up Hoodie

If you don’t want to pay the slightly higher cost for the Nike apparel mentioned earlier on this list, the Three Sixty Six Dry Fit Men’s Zip Up Hoodie is a sound budget alternative.

These hoodies are made out of moisture-wicking fabric that draws sweat away from your skin, allowing you to walk the course without getting sweaty and uncomfortable as your body heats up during your round.

The Three Sixty Six design is constructed using French Terry fabric – which makes for a streamlined, stylish finish on the outside, while incorporating a warm but soft fleece on the inside – however, most uses say it feels like polyester.

This technology is ideal for both cool and warmer golfing conditions.

The other thing I like is while this hoodie has a full zip, it still has pockets for storage – which can be used to stash your tees, balls or groove cleaner.

Having read some reviews from previous buyers, this hoodie keeps true to its size – meaning you won’t need to size up for a looser fit.

It is available in hunter green, charcoal, navy blue, maroon and medium grey, and will cost you much less than some other hoodies on this list – without sacrificing quality.

– Lightweight– Not Dri-fit technology
– Durable/flexible
– Extremely affordable
– Water resistant
– Variety of colors

Men’s Waterproof Lightweight Pullover Hoodie

While this isn’t your typical all-weather hoodie, the Waterproof Lightweight Pullover is a perfect choice for golfers who need a rain jacket but don’t want to fork out the exorbitant fee for one of the more recognised golf brands.

A TaylorMade or Callaway rain jacket could set your back more than $200, whereas this simple design will cost a quarter of that price – leaving you with savings to spend on other items, such as golf balls or even a practice net.

The hoodie is 100 per cent polyester and created using a two-layer fabric construction that is fully seam taped, ensuring that it’s water-tight.

It is both waterproof and breathable, and can be used for a range of other activities in addition to golf – such as camping, hiking, fishing, climbing, cycling, running and travelling.

It also comes in three colours – grey, black and blue.

The other things I like about this hoodie is it can be zipped up right to your chin, ensuring very little rain can penetrate your underlayer, while the peaked hood is perfect for keeping water droplets off your face.

The two front, zipped pockets complete what is a great wet-weather, affordable, waterproof golf hoodie.

– Waterproof– Not as flexible/bulkier
– Durable– Limited colors
– Extremely affordable
– Ample storage
– Windproof

Other FAQs

What is considered proper golf attire?

Golf attire typically consists of neat casual dress.

Many golf clubs will only permit golfers onto the course if they are wearing neat pants/shorts, a collared t-shirt or pullover, or skirt for women.

Some clubs require you to wear white socks, with black socks being unacceptable, while jeans are typically considered to be non-complying.

You most definitely cannot wear flip-flops or singlets onto the majority of golf courses.

What can I wear instead of a golf hoodie?

If your golf course doesn’t permit you to wear hoodies on the course, I would definitely recommend investing in a good golf pullover or midlayer which will both help to keep you warm, and also looking stylish.

There are heaps of different brands and designs available on Amazon to browse through.