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Callaway Paradym vs Paradym X Hybrids: A Complete Comparison

Callaway is one of the most popular brands in the golf industry, and their Paradym and Paradym X hybrids are two of their newest models.

I’ve tested both clubs down at my local store and written this detailed comparison of their design, performance, and suitability for different handicaps to help you decide which one is best for your game.

If you can’t be bothered reading the whole thing, here’s my quick summary:

The Callaway Paradym X hybrid is designed for maximum distance and forgiveness, while the Paradym hybrid offers more control and versatility. If you’re a beginner, go for the Paradym X. If you’re an intermediate or advanced player, opt for the Callaway Paradym.

Of course, considerations like budget come into your decision-making. But personally, if money is no object and you’re serious about your golf, the Paradym would be my choice.

If you want to know the reasons why, keep reading as I’ll explain it all in this detailed review of both clubs.

Overview of Callaway Paradym and Paradym X hybrids

Both the Callaway Paradym and Paradym X hybrids are specially made for golfers who want a full-sized, wood-shaped hybrid that is long off the tee or fairway with excellent versatility and forgiveness.

The Callaway Paradym hybrid was released in February 2023 and comes with an adjustable hosel sleeve that allows you to optimize trajectory and control with +2º/ -1º of loft. This hybrid is perfect for low to mid-handicappers looking for distance, easy launch, stopping power, and workability.

The Callaway Paradym X hybrid was also released in 2023 and is designed for mid-to-high handicappers looking for distance, easy launch, and forgiveness. It features the Paradym Shift Construction, with the Cutwave Sole design improving the club’s performance through the turf.

These hybrids are arguably the most versatile hybrid that Callaway has ever made and it’s no surprise they’ve become some of the most popular models on the market today.

Overall, if you want slightly more forgiveness and can afford it, the Paradym X will likely be best for you.

If you place higher value on workability and shot-shaping, the smaller-headed Paradym may be better suited to your needs.

Design and technology

The Callaway Paradym and Paradym X share several features, including adjustable hosel sleeves that allow players to optimize trajectory and control by adjusting the loft.

The Callaway Paradym hybrid has lofts from 17 to 27 degrees, while the Callaway Paradym X hybrid has lofts from 14 to 24 degrees.

The clubheads also have different shapes, with the Paradym X having a more oversized head shape and greater offset than the Paradym.

I’ve explained some of their differences in tech below in more detail.

Callaway Paradym

As mentioned above, the Callaway Paradym hybrid has a mid-sized, wood-shaped design that is crafted specially for distance, versatility, and control.

The clubhead features Callaway’s Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) face technology, which is designed to maximize ball speed and forgiveness.

The clubhead also has Jailbreak technology, which consists of two internal bars that connect the sole and crown of the clubhead.

This design helps to stiffen the body of the clubhead and transfer more energy to the ball at impact.

Callaway Paradym X

The Callaway Paradym X hybrid, on the other hand, has a full-sized, wood-shaped design that’s beefier and offers more forgiveness as a result.

The clubhead also features Callaway’s A.I. face technology, which is uniquely optimized through A.I. based on player performance data, and Batwing technology designed to improve distance.

The Paradym X hybrid has a CutWave sole design, which is designed to improve turf interaction and promote a more consistent strike.

The clubhead also features tungsten weighting, which helps to lower the center of gravity (CG) and increase the moment of inertia (MOI) for greater forgiveness.

Performance and control

When it comes to performance and control, the Callaway Paradym and Paradym X hybrids are both excellent choices when compared against other brands.

Callaway Paradym X

The Callaway Paradym X, in particular, absolutely booms off the face. I mean, this thing felt like a cannon when I flushed it and my distance numbers were longer than rival models.

It’s no surprise that it ranks 4th overall for distance out of all hybrids released in 2023, according to MyGolfSpy.

The Paradym X is built to prioritise forgiveness, making it a popular choice if you want a full-sized, wood-shaped hybrid that puts a premium on masking off-center strikes over anything else.

Callaway Paradym

On the other hand, the Callaway Paradym hybrid instead prioritises control and accuracy.

Its Cutwave Sole design, which acts like a rudder to make it easier to square the face and play from a variety of lies, is key to its versatility and design.

With a smaller head size, the Paradym will give you far greater shot-shaping capabilities, which may be better for more advanced golfers who can draw or fade the ball on command.

Both hybrids have high ball speeds and launch angles, making them ideal for getting the ball up in the air quickly and easily (which is great for low-to-mid handicappers who may struggle with this).

Sound and feel

Both the Callaway Paradym and Paradym X hybrids have a solid, metallic sound at impact. It’s not too loud, but it’s definitely noticeable.

While the Paradym X has a little more depth to the sound, due to the larger-sized clubhead, the difference is negligible as both hybrids are built using the same technology (e.g. the AI designed Flash Face).

Personally, I liked the sound of these clubs, with the feel being super solid as opposed to hollow and ‘tingy’.

Of course, this a personal preference (it’s why I love the new TaylorMade Stealth clubs) and you may rather a club that has a more hollow, lighter feel than the dense feedback the Paradym hybrids provide.

But if you like your hybrids to provide thick, solid contact, the Paradym or Paradym X won’t disappoint.


The Callaway Paradym and Paradym X hybrids sport a sleek and eye-catching black paint job that screams sophistication and style.

They’ll mix and match with any other club in your bag due to the neutral color, which is certainly a plus.

Personally, I loved the look of these clubs at address and they immediately gave me confidence when standing over the ball, with their fairway wood style playing a big part in this.

You just feel as though you’ve got plenty of clubhead to work with, leaving you less worried about off-center strikes (especially as a mid-to-high handicapper).

Both Paradym hybrids also tend to sit flatter on the turf – much like a fairway wood – which can improve your contact with the turf and help deliver more consistent strikes.

Suitability for different handicaps

As someone who’s played golf a long time, I know how much of a difference the right equipment can make to your game.

The Callaway Paradym and Paradym X hybrids are geared towards a certain playing ability, which I’ve outlined below (it’s crucial to know the differences before you buy).

Mid handicappers

The Callaway Paradym hybrid is a great option for mid handicappers who tend to shoot anywhere in the 80s or 90s, have a decent level of control over their shot shaping, but still have room to improve.

It offers a good balance of forgiveness and workability and is high enough quality that you won’t outgrow this club as you continue to get better as a player.

The Cutwave Sole design of the Paradym hybrid also helps to square the face, regardless of from the fairway or rough, which is also helpful for mid handicappers.

High handicappers

The Callaway Paradym X hybrid is a better option for high handicappers who usually shoot in the 90s or higher and are still learning the game.

The larger-sized clubhead is more forgiving than the Paradym hybrid, which will be music to your ears if you struggle with off-center strikes more often than not.

The Paradym X is also manufactured to have a slight draw bias – a bonus feature that will help you get a little more distance out of your swing.

Value and cost

The retail price for both Callaway Paradym and Paradym X hybrids is around $300 USD, which is on the higher end for hybrids. However, both models offer advanced features and technologies that justify the price.

In terms of value, the Paradym and Paradym X hybrids offer a lot of bang for your buck.

Both models come with stock shaft options from Aldila and Project X, which are high-quality shafts known for their performance.

The stock grip for both hybrids is the Callaway Universal grip, which is a solid grip option for most golfers.

Additionally, the Paradym and Paradym X hybrids feature Callaway’s Batwing technology, which is designed to increase ball speed and distance.

The oversized head and back CG also make these hybrids forgiving on off-center hits, making them a great option if you struggle getting the ball in the air.

So, yes: you will likely pay a little more for the Callaway Paradym and Paradym X hybrids compared to some other models on the market, but they’re absolutely worth every penny.

If your budget allows, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better performing hybrid today.

They’ll without doubt help you improve your game, regardless of whether you’re a low, mid or high handicap player.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the faces of the Paradym and Paradym X hybrids made of?

The Callaway Paradym and Paradym X hybrids feature a Carpenter 455 steel face, which is known for its strength and durability.

This material helps to generate faster ball speeds and longer distances, making these hybrids a popular choice for those chasing more length.

What head options are available for the Paradym and Paradym X hybrids?

The Callaway Paradym hybrid is a mid-sized, wood-shaped hybrid that offers versatility and control, while the Paradym X hybrid is a full-sized, wood-shaped hybrid that provides forgiveness and distance.

Both hybrids are designed to help golfers of all skill levels improve their game.

What loft options are available for the Paradym and Paradym X hybrids?

The Callaway Paradym hybrid is available in six loft options: 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, and 28 degrees.

The Callaway Paradym X hybrid is available in five loft options: 16, 18, 20, 23, and 26 degrees.

This range of loft options makes it easy for you to choose the right hybrid to fill the gaps in your bag.

Final message

In conclusion, the Callaway Paradym and Paradym X hybrids are a game-changer for amateur golfers.

The unique fairway wood-like shape of these hybrids sets them apart from their competitors, offering the playability of a hybrid with the appearance of a fairway wood.

The result? A contemporary, high-performing club that is both impressive visually and gives you plenty of confidence when standing over the ball.

With their versatility, great aesthetics, innovative technology, and adjustability, the Callaway Paradym and Paradym X hybrids are sure to elevate your game.

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