Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip Laser Rangefinder Review

Since bursting onto the scene, rangefinders have rapidly become a must-have for golfers of all ability levels.

Initially, I was apprehensive about purchasing a rangefinder considering I was a mid-level handicapper with inconsistent ball striking.

Until I could hit the ball consistently – which I’ve managed to do after endless practice at the range – I thought: what is the point of knowing the distance to the pin when I’m every chance of producing a fat or thin shot?

Not to mention the feared ‘all the gear, no idea’ status defining an average sportsperson with high quality stuff that does nothing to improve their game.

In time, I realised that a rangefinder would actually have a hugely positive impact on my game.

When I hit a good, clean shot (which I’ll admit is less often than I would like) there is nothing more traumatic than watching the ball sail long purely because I chose the wrong club.

It’s this reason why I’m happy that I purchased the Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip Laser Rangefinder, which is quite possibly the best value rangefinder on the market.

While it may not carry the heralded Bushnell name tag, it also fails to carry the exorbitant price tag meaning that for under $400 AUD you get all the features of the top-end rangefinders – all the ones that matter, at least – for as little as half the price.

So if you, too, are stuck trying to decide whether the Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip Laser Rangefinder is right for you, keep reading – by the end of this article I promise you’ll be confident you’re making a sound investment.


I have to admit that I find most of the rangefinders on the market to be a little ugly, with many, for some reason, opting for loud color schemes and interesting plastic add-ons.

I’m a golfer who likes things neat and simple, and both of these qualities are found in the Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip.

The simple, black finish with silver highlights makes it attractive enough that I don’t mind flashing it on the course, all the while remaining modest enough that you don’t look like you are using it as an excuse to grab attention.

The Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip has a classy black and silver finish.
The black grip also adds adds a nice finish to the exterior of the rangefinder.

If you’re looking for a little more bling, the copper option is more likely to turn heads out on the course.

The red power button stands out adequately atop the rangefinder, easily located due to it being the button pressed to obtain a distance reading.

The black ‘mode’ button is a little more hidden amongst the black backdrop, a clever feature considering once you have chosen your unit of measurement, you’re unlikely to need to go back there.

For simplicity of style and overall appearance, the Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip gets two thumbs up.


The Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip has ‘Priority Loc’ – which works by ignoring background features in order to find the pin, hazard or landmark you are trying to read the distance of with ease.

It is rare that you’ll struggle to find a distance instantly on anything inside 200 metres – the majority of time, you’ll be able to zap your target without the annoyance of delays.

A handy Scan Mode also allows you to sweep across the landscape to gain an overall sense of the terrain, although this is a feature I rarely find myself using.

The Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip can be configured for distance readings in metres or yards, easily switched with a couple taps of the mode button.

The 6x magnification is more than enough for you to be able to grab that elusive flag from well over 200 metres away with minimal frustration.

By far my favourite feature of this rangefinder is the Pulse Technology.

Once you have aimed at your target, a tap of the red power button will deliver a quick pulse before displaying the distance for 15 seconds.

The vibration not only gives a clear indication you have locked onto your target, but honestly shoots you with a burst of adrenaline and confidence that your next shot is going to be pin-seeking.

To think that other rangefinders on the market don’t have this feature is staggering, and the Pulse Technology is something I now could not live without.

How the Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip looks from the rear.

In summary, the Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip Laser Rangefinder’s total list of standout features include:

  • Intelligent Pulse features activates on lock in
  • Priority Loc – ignores background images and will prioritise focal points
  • PinLoc – lock onto a target and the distance is displayed on screen for 15 seconds
  • Scan Mode – scan the entire terrain and their distances quickly
  • 6x magnification for a clearer more precise view
  • Water resistant and shock resistant
  • Lightweight and designed to fit the contour of your hand
  • 915m measuring range & a 300m measuring range to flag
  • Low level battery indicator
  • Dimensions (size): 106mm x 75mm x 41mm
  • Weight: 173 grams

Battery life

The Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip Laser Rangefinder comes with a CR2 3V lithium battery housed behind a sturdy but unintrusive cover at the back of the rangefinder.

It is easily interchangeable with a flip-up handle to twist, but in over nine months of ownership I am yet to need to replace the battery.

This is on the back of over 50 rounds of golf too, using the rangefinder religiously for every shot.

The battery life is unarguably fantastic, and you’ll even be warned with a signal when battery power starts to wane.


The Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip Laser Rangefinder is extremely durable with a plastic finish and rubber grip that sits beautifully in the hand.

It comes with a simple material case that flips open, allowing easy access without having to fuss with buckles or zippers.

I’ve found this case has offered great protection both on course and in my car, never finding a way to open itself despite me tossing my bag around with, at times reckless, abandon.

All of this is with the case clipped to the outside of my bag too, so the full weight of all my clubs and even pull buggy resting on top hasn’t threatened the rangefinder with a dent or scratch.

The clip is simple and effective, maintaining a close hold onto any rigid part of your bag or cart.

You can easily flip open the case and grab the rangefinder without needing to think about unclipping it at all.

The PINLOC 5000ip is also water resistant and shockproof, so you’ll have to be pretty rough and rugged to find a way to damage this product.

What you’ll receive when purchasing the Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip Laser Rangefinder.


As well as a case, the Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip Laser Rangefinder includes a handy wrist strap and lens cloth.

I find the lens keeps itself incredibly clean without any real maintenance, but the lens cloth is a welcome inclusion to keep visibility high when playing in cloudy, rainy or poorly-lit weather.

The wrist strap helps to secure the rangefinder to your hand when reading distances, but I honestly don’t find myself using it much.

Are there any cons?

While I believe this is an incredible rangefinder and all features included are fantastic, there are some things lacking that you do get in other higher-price, higher-quality rangefinders.

Some of the best ones on the market are magnetic, meaning that if you play regularly in a cart, you can grab and go from just about any part of the vehicle – saving you from having to grab it from your bag for every shot.

Additionally, the Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip Laser Rangefinder does not take into account the slope, so factoring uphill or downhill rises into your club selection is left to your estimation and judgement.

But like I said, the only features this rangefinder doesn’t include are ones you are likely to use rarely, especially with slope readings being frowned upon in competitive or tournament play.

Sureshot Laser Rangefinder PINLOC 5000 Series

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does the Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip Laser Rangefinder cost?

You should be able to purchase this rangefinder for under $400 AUD.

Does it provide a slope reading?

No. The Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip Laser Rangefinder measures distance only.

What units of measurement does it use?

The rangefinder allows you to switch seamlessly between yards and metres.

Is the battery life good?

Yes. I’ve used this rangefinder for over 50 18-hole rounds and the battery is still going strong.

What is included with the purchase?

When buying the Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip you’ll receive the rangefinder, a wrist strap, a carry case with clip, a long life CR2 3V Lithium battery and a lens cloth.

Is the Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip Laser rangefinder attractive?

Personally, I think the black and silver color scheme is simple and visually appealing.

Does it represent good value?


After seeing and sampling a number of rangefinders on the market, I could not be happier with my purchase of the Sureshot PINLOC 5000ip Laser Rangefinder.

At around $350 AUD, it is half the price of the most expensive rangefinders on the market, yet possesses the vast majority of their features, executing them perfectly.

It is reliable, durable, aesthetically pleasing and has a great battery life, ultimately representing some of the best value on the market when it comes to golf rangefinders.

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