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13 Indoor Golf Greens For Transforming Your Putting in 2023

Becoming an excellent, consistent putter takes hours and hours of practice, but not everyone has the spare time to visit the course each day to work on their stroke.

If this sounds like you, then an indoor putting mat might be the answer to your problems.

These artificial training aids, designed to closely replicate a real green, are super convenient to have in your home or office, and allow you to practice your putting every day – even if it’s only for 10 minutes at a time.

Whether it’s 10 or 100 putts a day on your mat, the extra practice will all combine to help you improve your stroke, and give you more confidence next time you step out onto the course – whether with friends or your significant other, at a business function, or own your own.

But, finding the right mat to suit your needs can be tricky – as I found when I was searching for my own to add to my home – so to make it easier, I’ve compiled a list of the 13 best indoor putting greens available online today to help you narrow your search.

Keep reading to see my recommendations, and also to find answers to some common questions about these extremely helpful training aids.

What is the best indoor putting green?

There are two indoor putting greens that stand out above the rest if you’re looking for a mat on a budget, or are willing to spend extra to get a premium model.

Best budget option – SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green

This mat will set you back less than $100 USD (be sure to check the current price on Amazon) but is highly-rated and will help you improve your putting, without question.

It’s built from a material closely replicating a proper green, has three holes to putt at, and also can be rolled up easily for transportation.

Best premium option – FORB Professional Putting Mat

This mat starts at around $500 USD (be sure to check the current price on Amazon) and gives you the option of three sizes – 12ft, 13ft or 20ft – with the price increasing with the dimensions of the green.

The putting surface is extremely high quality to emulate real-life playing conditions, while there is also imitation rough around the edges to practice chipping, if you so desire.

For a more in-depth, extensive review of both mats, keep scrolling down to read my recommendations on all the best 13 indoor putting greens in available today.

But before you do, I’ve answered some of the common questions you may have about buying an indoor putting green.

What is an indoor putting green?

An indoor putting green is an artificial training aid, typically ranging anywhere from 3 x 8ft to 5 x 20ft in size, that golfers use to practice their putting stroke inside their home or office. They are usually created from a synthetic material that closely emulates the greens at an outdoor golf course, and run at a speed of between 8-10 on the stimpmeter.

Some indoor putting greens, depending on quality and price, will feature alignment and distance markers to help guide you when practicing your putting stroke.

How much does an indoor putting green cost?

An indoor putting green costs as low as $50 USD for a basic, budget mat, whereas the premium, top-quality indoor putting greens can range anywhere from $500-$2000 USD. Postage can range anywhere from $50-$300 USD depending on delivery location, and weight. The size of the mat will also influence the price, with the larger greens being more expensive than the smaller ones.

How do I choose the right indoor putting green?

Choosing the right indoor putting green comes down to three key things: how much space you have available, how much money you have to spend, and what level of quality you are looking for. Once you set your expectations for each of these three things, it will greatly help you narrow down your search for the right mat.

When researching this list, I did extensive reading on each product – including assessing past user reviews online and on YouTube – along with setting my own criteria, which was:

  • Only mats with higher than a 4.5-star user rating would make the list
  • I would only recommend mats that I would buy myself
  • Each mat must have accessible user reviews for added feedback

Based on that criteria, these are the top indoor putting greens you can buy this year.

Best budget indoor putting greens

SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green

If you’re looking for an indoor putting mat under $100, then there’s few better I could find online than the SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green.

SKLZ are one of the market leaders in golf training aids (one of their impact bags featured in my top picks), and the fact this product has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon from nearly 2500 reviews means you can buy with confidence.

This mat is designed to emulate real putts, with a slight upslope at each of the three cups and true-roll surface imitating an actual green up to eight-and-a-half-feet.

Check it out on Amazon

There are also small ‘bunkers’ positioned cleverly behind the holes to stop wayward putts from rolling off the mat.

It’s three-feet wide meaning it will fit into your hallway or living area comfortably, and can be rolled up for easy transportation ensuring you can practice your putting wherever you go.

In terms of bang for your buck, the SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green was my clear standout.

Dustin Johnson Perfect Practice Putting Mat

If you’re lacking space, whether it be at home or the office, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat – which is the official putting mat endorsed by World No. 1 Dustin Johnson – is unrivalled if you’re on a budget.

While it’s slightly more expensive than other budget choices, while still being far more affordable that some of the premium options, this mat is hands-down the most compact I could find online (and can be rolled up tightly for easy storage and transportation).

The mat is made from a Crystal Velvet material to mimic pristine greens, but what I really like are the train-track markings to aid alignment and give instant feedback on whether you’re rolling your ball along your intended target line.

Check it out on Amazon

There are also markings at two, four, six, and eight feet increments to assist with speed and help you become deadly accurate inside 10 feet.

Lastly, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat has an automatic ball return system, meaning you don’t have to collect your balls after every stroke.

If it’s good enough for ‘DJ’, then it’s certainly good enough for golfers of all ages and abilities.

VariSpeed Putting System

One of the biggest drawbacks to indoor putting mats is they lack variability when it comes to speed – however, the VariSpeed Putting System solves that problem through its clever design.

The polyester material used to create the mat can be altered to emulate speeds of between 7.5 and 13 on the stimpmeter – all you need to do is brush the fibres one way or the other to smooth them out, or make them stand up (hence adding more resistance to your ball, causing it to roll slower).

This is an excellent way to practice on fast and slow greens from the comfort of your home or office, without having to drive all the way to the course.

Check it out on Amazon

Additionally, the mat has alignment markings to ensure you’re starting your ball on target, and the kit comes with an adjustable wedge that can be placed under the surface to create breaks.

With its clever design and affordable price, the VariSpeed Putting System will help you adjust to the pace of greens at every course, meaning you’ll leave less putts short – or blaze them long – as a result.

TrueBirdie Indoor Putting Green With Travel Bag

If you’re headed on a week-long golf trip and need to keep your putting fine-tuned while staying at your hotel, the TrueBirdie Indoor Putting Green With Travel Bag is the perfect solution.

It’s very affordable and comes with every feature you need to improve your stroke including distance markers, alignment markers and variable hole locations.

Check it out on Amazon

The mat is 10-feet long, ideal for practicing those crucial par-saving putts, and is thin enough that it can be rolled up tightly and stored within the supplied travel bag to make transportation a breeze.

It’s by no means the quality of other more durable, premium mats available on the market, but the TrueBirdie putting mat does exactly what it’s supposed to – provide golfers with a training aid that can be set-up and packed up with ease, and taken with them on their travels.

Champkey Puttech Pro Golf Putting Mat

The Champkey Puttech Pro Golf Putting Mat gives you plenty of bang for your back and is one of the most widely-reviewed options online – with more than 600 Amazon users rating it an average of 4.5 stars.

It’s not as transportable as other putting mats and may take slightly longer to set-up, but once assembled would make an excellent addition to your home or office for a budget price.

What I like about the Champkey Puttech Pro is the distance markers set at two, four, six and eight feet combined with the uphill slope before the hole – this trains you to hit your putt with the appropriate pace, and is great for players (like me) who have the habit of leaving putts short.

Check it out on Amazon

The built in ‘hazards’ (a water feature and bunker) are purely aesthetic and help catch wayward balls, while the automatic return rewards you for every putt you hole – meaning you can train without interruption.

Lastly, painted alignment markers will help guide your stroke, and the non-directional turf closely emulates outdoor greens to mimic on-course conditions.

Shaun Webb Home & Office Pro Golf Putting Green

The Shaun Webb Golf Putting Green has a lot of similarities to the SKLZ mat mentioned earlier in this list, yet comes in at a fractionally higher price.

Like SKLZ, when it comes to training aids and equipment in the golf space, Shaun Webb is a well-known brand – his practice balls featured as one of the top picks in our extensive article reviewing hitting nets, which also recommended the best real golf ball alternatives to use with them.

The green is 3 x 9 feet in dimensions, the same as the SLKZ mat, and also has a slight uphill slope before the three cup locations to encourage you to hit with firm pace (and train you not to leave putts short).

Check it out on Amazon

Similarly, it has two bunkers ready and waiting to catch any missed putts.

The only drawbacks to this putting mat when compared to other models is the absence of alignment and distance markers – meaning you’ll get less feedback on whether you’ve started your putt online, or if you have the correct pace – and also an automatic ball return.

But, it comes highly-reviewed by hundreds of golfers and will certainly help improve your putting for an affordable price.

SharperGolf Putting Mat With Putting Mirror

There are a few things I like about the SharperGolf Putting Mat that sets it apart from its competitors, but none more so than the putting mirror aid that is included with your purchase.

The addition of the mirror – in conjunction with the alignment markers painted on the mat to help start the ball on the intended target line – ensures you’re taking your putter back and through on the correct plane, which will help you improve faster and hole more putts as a result.

Check it out on Amazon

Distance markers at one-foot increments – from 0-8 feet – also assist with speed control, which is another essential element to becoming rock-solid with the flat stick.

What I don’t like about the SharperGolf Putting Mat is the absence of cut-out holes (instead, they’re painted on), leaving you without the visual satisfaction of seeing your ball drop when you hit a good putt.

But that’s only a small drawback and doesn’t outweigh the value you receive with this complete putting package.

FORB Home Golf Putting Mat

The FORB Home Golf Putting Mat is another mat that looks great, is affordable and – most importantly – comes in two different sizes, which sets it apart from its rivals.

While most budget putting mats come in a stock-standard nine-foot length, the FORB model gives you the option of purchasing a green that is either 10-foot or 12-foot long – perfect if you’ve got a little extra space in your home or office to utilise.

But that is really the only thing that differentiates the FORB mat from other similar options on this list – such as the SKLZ or Shaun Webb greens – as it includes three different hole locations, but is without alignment or distance markers.

Check it out on Amazon

That could be preferable for players who wish to simulate on-course conditions as closely as possible – after all, there are no lines to follow when you’re putting for real out on the greens!

Overall, the FORB Home Golf Putting Mat is widely praised, if the nearly 200 Amazon reviews are anything to go by, and all my online research suggests it is a good-quality choice for every golfer and will last you a long time.

Putt-A-Bout 2-Way Putting Mat

If you want a simple, no-frills, no-fuss training add to improve your putting stroke then the Putt-A-Bout 2-Way Putting Mat meets the criteria.

As one of the cheapest options available online, you really do get what you pay for – that being, a pretty stock-standard mat that is 3 x 10 feet in size, has two plastic cups positioned at either end, and a smooth surface.

Its main advantage is enabling players to putt at targets from both ends of the mat, but my overall impression is that the Putt-A-Bout is very basic.

Check it out on Amazon

It has no alignment or distance markers to assist with aim and speed, and you won’t get to see your ball drop as there are no cut-out holes.

However, it you don’t want to spend much money but are desperate to hone your skills with the flat stick, the Putt-A-Bout will certainly help you do that.

Crestgolf Putting Green/Pong Game

Want to improve your putting while sinking beers with mates? If yes, the CrestGolf Putting Green/Pong Game has you covered.

I mean, why play traditional beer pong when you can play the golf version?! Honestly, this training aid could be the secret to a great putting stroke we’ve all been looking for.

The Crestgolf mat has six holes at each end – dubbed the ‘Battleputt’ system – all of which have their own cover that can be used to fill the void and allow you to reach every pin placement on the green (without dropping into an unintended hole).

Check it out on Amazon

The mat is slightly raised before the holes to encourage you to putt with good pace, while the green comes with six inclusive balls to get you started straight away if you don’t have any of your own (which is probably highly unlikely, given you’re reading this article).

If you want to spice up your putting practice, the Crestgolf Putting Green/Pong Game is a great way to do it – either alone, or with friends.

Best premium indoor putting greens

FORB Professional Putting Mat

If you want the best of the best when it comes to an indoor putting green, then you won’t find much better than the FORB Professional Putting Mat.

This mat really is the cream of the crop and comes in three sizes to cater for all spaces – Standard (12ft long, only has two holes), Extra Large (13ft long, has four holes) and Extra, Extra Large (20ft long, has four holes).

Naturally, the longer the mat, the wider it is and the price also increases, with the Standard setting you back around $500 and the Extra, Extra Large coming in at just over $2000 (be sure to check the current prices on Amazon).

Check it out on Amazon

The green’s short grass is made from 12mm polyethylene material and runs at a speed of around eight or nine on the stimpmeter, and there is also longer 40mm grass around the edges to simulate rough – and can be a great way to cure those dreaded chipping yips.

Lastly, the mat comes with miniature flags to simulate a proper outdoor practice putting surface, and gives you a visual target to assist with your aim.

In terms of options in this price range, I struggled to find anything comparable and would certainly have the FORB Professional Putting Mat at the top of my list if I was looking to add a premium green to my home or office.

Boburn Golf Putting Green

If you don’t wish to spend over $500 on a putting green but still want something that is higher quality than some of the budget options – and closely resembles what you’d find on the course – then the Boburn Golf Putting Green is the standout.

It’s available in four different sizes – 2.5 x 10ft, 3.3 x 10ft, 4 x 10ft and 5 x 10ft – but can be purchased in five separate styles, all of which have a different number of holes and varying pin locations.

The best part is, these mats won’t set you back more than around $300 (but be sure to check the current price on Amazon).

Check it out on Amazon

Like the FORB model, the Boburn green has a flat putting surface with longer grassy rough around the edges, and runs at around 10 on the stimpmeter.

It can be rolled up for easy transportation and also comes with flags for each of the holes.

While the Boburn model is limited to a smaller size, it’s perfect if you want a realistic, decent-sized indoor green without breaking the bank and comes highly recommended – with around 430 golfers rating it an average of 4.5 stars.

XENBEY Pro Golf Putting Green

The final choice on the premium list of indoor putting mats you can grab online is the XENBY Pro Golf Putting Green, which has a lot of similarities to the Boburn model – with some subtle differences.

Pricewise, the XENBY green clocks in at around the same (between $100-$300) and also comes in four dimensions – 1.6 x 10 ft, 3.3 x 10ft, 4 x 10ft and 5 x 10ft – to cater for all home or office spaces.

However, the biggest difference is regardless of the size, each mat only comes with two holes – by comparison, the larger Boburn greens have three holes to putt to.

Check it out on Amazon

That aside, the XENBEY mat is excellent quality and comes with all the same features as the other premium selections on this list including 10mm artificial turf for the putting surface, and 45mm rough, along with flags for each hole to add authenticity.

The 10mm foam base is sturdy but flexible enough that towels or other objects can be placed underneath the mat to create subtle undulations for added difficulty, and so that it can be rolled up for easy transportation.

The XENBEY Pro Golf Putting Green is definitely one of the top options I could find on the market.

How do I practice putting indoors?

When practicing putting indoors, you need to set yourself goals – such as making 10 three-foot putts in a row, or 20 six-footers in a row. You have to train with purpose; simply putting a bunch of balls at a hole, without having a measurable goal, won’t help you improve. Your practice must have a focus.

One of the best ways to ensure you’re practicing correctly – including swinging the putter on the correct arc, or getting your alignment right – is through the use of training aids.

Essential putting accessories

Here’s three devices that every amateur should consider using if they’re truly serious about becoming a better putter.

Pro Path Golf Putting Mirror

If you want to become better with the flat stick, then you need to practice with intent – and the Pro Path Golf Putting Mat will help you do this.

The curved alignment marker emulates the correct arc you should follow when making your backswing, and using this aid while practicing on your new indoor green will improve your putting stroke out of sight and ingrain the correct fundamentals.

Check it out on Amazon

Using a putting mirror gives you instant feedback, and is far more productive than hitting putts at random.

Pressure Putt Trainer Foldable Aid

The Pressure Putt Trainer Foldable Aid is essential if you’ve opted for a budget indoor putting mat that doesn’t have any holes cut into the surface, or doesn’t have an automated return system.

Check it out on Amazon

Why? Because it gives you a focused target to aim for.

Simply set the device up on your intended line and make your stroke – if you make a good putt, your ball will roll up the curved face, before being returned to you (helping you groove both correct alignment and speed).

True Pendulum Motion Putting Aid

One of the biggest errors amateur golfers make when putting is having too active hands and wrists – the True Pendulum Motion Putting Aid helps fix that.

Now, you may think you’ll look stupid using this training device, but remember – if you’ve bought a new indoor putting mat, then you’ll likely be practicing within the comfort of your own home, away from the prying eyes of other golfers.

Check it out on Amazon

So don’t worry about what others think, because this clever aid gets results – just ask LPGA player Tiffany Joh, who uses the True Pendulum Motion Putting Aid during her pre-round warm-up routine.

If you want to putt like the pros, you have to train like them – and this great device allows you to do that.

Final message

Indoor putting greens are a great way to improve your stroke with the flat stick, especially if you don’t have the time to visit the course each day.

Practicing on your mat in the comfort of your own home or office – even if it’s only for 10 minutes a day – will help you see gradual improvement in your putting, and build confidence for the next time you step out onto the course.

For what you pay for a decent, budget green, it’s certainly a worthwhile investment if you’re looking to lower your scores and get rid of those dreaded three-putts for good.

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