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Swing Freely: 8 Golf Elbow Braces Perfect For All Players

There’s no two ways about it – injuries suck, especially if golf is your passion.

Perhaps second only to back pain are two other perilous injuries for golfers of all ages – golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow.

Anybody who has completed long periods of repetitive twisting or turning activities – such as tennis, golf, weightlifting or manual labour – runs risk of developing elbow pain.

But the big contributing factor to elbow pain is repeated motion over a long period of time, meaning golfers, especially older ones, are more likely to develop niggling stresses in their joints that leads to debilitating pain.

Thankfully, golfer’s elbow is treatable and manageable through gentle exercises and also by wearing a brace while swinging a club.

The best golf elbow braces available to buy online include:

  • Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve
  • Sleeve Stars Counterforce Brace Elbow Forearm Band
  • Vive Elbow Brace With Tendonitis Support Strap
  • CAMBIVO 2 Pairs Elbow Compression Sleeve
  • CAMBIVO 2 Pack Elbow Brace

Meanwhile, some of the top aids that may help relieve or treat golfer’s elbow include:

  • StrongTek Trigger Point Roller Massager
  • Roleo Tennis Elbow Trigger Point Massager
  • Logest Resistance Bar

But before I take you through the best golf elbow braces available today, I’m going to explain a little bit more about the condition and some of the things you can do to try and reduce your pain.

If you want to skip straight to the reviews, keep scrolling.

Golfer’s elbow vs tennis elbow: what are the differences?

Golfer’s elbow – otherwise known as medial epicondylitis – is a condition causing pain on the inner side of the elbow. Golfer’s elbow is similar to tennis elbow, but occurring on the inside, rather than the outside, of the elbow. Pain can develop over time through repetitive movements that use the wrist and the forearm, like the golf swing. 

Tennis elbow – known as lateral epicondylitis – involves the inflammation of muscles in the upper forearm and soreness on the outer side of the elbow. The condition can develop as a result of repetitive movements where the wrist and forearm are used, such as tennis, but can come about from a whole range of activities including gardening, painting and other racquet sports.

While slightly different to golfer’s elbow, it can have an equally detrimental effect on your golf game.

It can occur in differing intensities of pain, but can be managed with rest, medication and support through an elbow brace.

How do I cure golfer’s elbow?

If you are suffering from golfer’s elbow, the best first step would be to see a qualified doctor or physiotherapist who can give professional guidance on what you can do to try and reduce your pain.

If visiting a doctor or physiotherapist is not an option for you, there is advice available online that you can follow to try and help improve your condition through strengthening exercises.

The best video I could find online to treat golfer’s elbow is from E3 rehab, and outlines five key exercises you can do to strengthen and add flexibility to not only your elbow, but the surrounding joints and muscles, to reduce pain an increase range of motion.

They focus predominantly on:

  • Wrist flexion
  • Elbow pronation
  • Thoracic rotation
  • Prone shoulder extension
  • Arm raises

Because I am not a trained health professional, rather than try to talk you through each step, I’d simply recommend watching the video below and following the advice of the trained health specialists in it, who explain step-by-step how to do each exercise.

YouTube player

Best golf elbow braces to help your game

If you are someone who does suffer from elbow issues, the last thing you want adding to the pain is losing the ability to play golf, whether it be alone or with mates.

This is why we have compiled our top list of elbow braces to help you manage your injury and keep you on the course in spite of your injury.

Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve

Used for: Mild instability and chronic soreness

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The Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve is designed for golfers returning after injury or who have long-term, niggling discomfort in the elbow that requires some assistance to manage throughout a round.

This brace will provide extra stability to the elbow whilst still being thin, flexible and lightweight, allowing the full range of motion required to make a good golf swing.

The compression also improves proprioception – the level of feedback being delivered to sensory neurons.

When wearing this brace, your body has a heightened awareness of the movement of muscles around the elbow, leading to greater management and stability of the joint.

Sleeve Stars Counterforce Brace Elbow Forearm Band

Used for: Prevention of tendinitis

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While many people find elbow braces extremely helpful, a number of golfers just won’t be able to kick that nagging feeling of it slipping and scrunching around the joint.

As we all know, the slightest lapse in concentration can lead to a poor golf shot, so even a false mental fear about a brace could render it ineffective for some golfers.

The beauty of the Sleeve Stars Counterforce Brace Elbow Forearm Band is the fact it reduces the likelihood of tendinitis without covering the elbow joint.

This brace sits snuggly beneath the elbow, wrapped firmly around the forearm.

The clever design offers a massaging effect, providing localised compression and reduced tension on the elbow.

You’ll also get greater bang for your buck with this brace, designed to prevent two key conditions related to two sports: tendinitis of the elbow lateral epicondylitis (known as tennis elbow) or medial epicondylitis (known as golfer’s elbow).

Vive Elbow Brace With Tendonitis Support Strap

Used for: Prevention of epicondylitis

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For those suffering the traditional ‘tennis elbow’, the Vive Elbow Brace With Tendonitis Support Strap will help you return from injury, as well as provide general support and prevention throughout the golf game.

The perforated neoprene composition also makes it highly-breathable and assists with sweat evaporation, meaning the elbow will be less likely to become irritated during your round.

It is a high-stability brace which may not offer as wider range of movement as others on the market, but will be extremely suitable for anyone suffering somewhat significant pain who just can’t bear being kept away from the course for too long.

CAMBIVO 2 Pairs Elbow Compression Sleeve

Used for: Reducing general soreness/improving stability

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The CAMBIVO 2 Pairs Elbow Compression Sleeve is the ultimate all-rounder, providing general elbow stability and support for golfers, tennis players, basketballers, footballers and even weightlifters (especially helpful if you’re on a Bryson Dechambeau-esque journey to hitting longer bombs off the tee).

This brace applies even pressure across your elbow joint for prevention against and recovery from tendonitis, joint inflammation, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and other elbow pains.

The forearm brace is durable, sturdy and long-lasting.

It eliminates bunching and irritation for unrestricted movement and offers full-range arm motion during physical activities.

The intricate construction for absolute comfort includes smart stitching and moisture wicking features, letting your skin breathe in peace without allowing sweat build-up and the formation of nasty odour.

CAMBIVO 2 Pack Elbow Brace

Used for: People with dual elbow issues

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If you are ultra-injury prone, or just plain unlucky, both your left and right elbows may suffer from pain and discomfort, requiring support.

The CAMBIVO 2 Pack Tennis Elbow Brace provides an easy option for those who need to manage both elbows when undertaking physical activity, such as golf.

The hook and loop fitted design is perfect for people looking for something easy to attach, also rendering them one size fits all, so changes in weight or muscle tone won’t have to lead to another purchase.

Similar to the Physix Gear Elbow Brace, the CAMBIVO offers superb flexibility, providing support for a range of sports, right through to gardening or manual labour.

With the constant bending and rotating movements of golf, the CAMBIVO brace is another example of a below the elbow option, meaning the fear of slipping, twisting and scrunching is not something likely to hamper your mental game out on the golf course.

StrongTek Trigger Point Roller Massager

Used for: Golfers elbow recovery

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The StrongTek Trigger Point Roller Massager is adjustable and flexible, suitable for providing muscle relief in the neck, shoulders, arms and especially elbow and forearm.

The environmentally-friendly material feels great on the skin and will help relieve pain and tension in people suffering from golfer’s elbow.

This roller is perfect for fighting pain caused by lateral epicondylitis, medial epicondylitis and tendonitis, putting an end to the pain and discomfort from chronic conditions and inflammations caused by repetitive hand, wrist, leg or forearm motions.

Roleo Tennis Elbow Trigger Point Massager

Used for: Deep massage

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This massager can go deeper and firmer than the StrongTek Trigger Point Roller Massager, with stiff foam rollers that will help treat the effects of lateral epicondylitis, medial epicondylitis and tendonitis.

The convenient design allows you to roll your muscle pain without the need to use your second hand, and the adjustability of the rollers helps to create tight, firm contact with muscles for ultimate release.

If you’re looking to try and relieve elbow pain before or after your round of golf, applying the Roleo Tennis Elbow Trigger Point Massager could help.

Logest Resistance Bar

Used for: Super-flexible recovery option

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Anyone participating in sport somewhat regularly should own a good foam roller.

Rollers, such as the Logest Resistance Bar, are fantastic for releasing muscle tension and breaking up those stiff, sore fibres.

Clinically researched and proven to reduce elbow pain by 81 per cent and increase strength in the tendons by 72 per cent in tennis elbow patients, the Logest Resistance Bar could have a massive impact on freeing up your elbow and forearm pain before you play golf.

This resistance bar is perfect for getting in tight around those nooks, like the inside of the elbow, and can also improve your grip strength by following the exercises included in the instructions.

It’s also flexible and will bend around your arm with up to 7kg of force before becoming compromised.

Final message

Elbow issues, such as golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow, can be crippling for your golf game, and if left untreated can keep you off the course for weeks, perhaps longer.

With some simple support through a brace or the regular use of recovery tools like massagers or rollers, in addition to regular strengthening exercises, this condition doesn’t have to be career-ending and will help get you back swinging freely on the fairways in no time.