11 Best Golf Driving Ranges In Adelaide

Most golf courses in Adelaide have driving ranges, but unfortunately the majority of them are exclusive to paying members and off limits to the general public.

Thankfully, there are a number of places across the city where the weekend warrior or beginner golfer – along with the higher-skilled player – can go to work on their swing.

So if you’re sick of bashing away on your practice net at home and want to hit the range (and maybe grab a lesson with one of the many Adelaide pros who can help you improve), keep reading to see our top locations.


Below are the 11 best golf driving ranges in Adelaide that you can visit to start improving your golf game.

  • North Adelaide Golf Course
  • Little Para Golf Course
  • Sandy Creek Golf Club
  • Tanunda Pines Golf Club
  • Port Noarlunga Driving Range
  • X-Golf Marion
  • Mount Compass Golf Course
  • Valley View Driving Range
  • Mount Osmond Golf Club
  • West Beach Drummond Golf Driving Range
  • West Beach Parks (Adelaide Shores) Golf Course

For the purpose of this list, I’ve tried to only include facilities that can be accessed by golfers without official Golf Australia handicaps.

Before you scroll down and check out each of Adelaide’s standout driving ranges, I’ve added some links to some great instructional content we’ve written that can help you fix some of the flaws in your swing:

Now, without anything further, below is our list of the top driving ranges in Adelaide.


North Adelaide Golf Course

If you’re looking to hone your golf game in Adelaide’s CBD, the only place you can do so is at North Adelaide Golf Course.

After 2.30pm each day, the first fairway of the championship 18-hole South Course is transformed into a driving range, with visitors able to purchase buckets of practice balls – starting at $7.50 – at the pro shop and then sharpen their skills on the lush Santa Ana couch tee bed.

The first hole of the South course becomes a range in the afternoon. PHOTO: North Adelaide GC

Distance markers are placed at 50m increments, so you’ll know exactly how far you’re hitting it.

The driving is only open for a short two-and-half-hour window, however, with last balls sold at 4.30pm and last balls hit at 5pm.

The early finish time may not suit inner city professionals who don’t typically knock off work before 5pm, but is perfect for university students, shift workers and also tradies.


Driving range offerings in the north of Adelaide are quite scarce, with players having to travel at least 40 minutes from the CBD to find one.

However, if you reside in the city’s outer rim then you’re in luck – because there are some good facilities right on your doorstep.

Little Para Golf Course

The Little Para set-up is perfect for the beginner, intermediate or elite golfer – comprising a nine-hole Par 3 course and an excellent, long, wide, multi-bay, undercover driving range.

The quality shelter means players can bash balls in rain, hail or sunshine without having to miss a day of practice.

The range is roughly 300m long and there are eight hitting bays to choose from, so you should have no problem finding a spot.

This northern suburbs range is excellent quality. PHOTO: Little Para Golf Course

There are flags scattered throughout the landing zone – giving players different targets to aim at – and two grassed areas if you don’t wish to hit off the mats.

A 50-ball bucket will cost you $11, and a 100-ball bucket $16 – but you can also visitor passes at discounted rates (1000 balls for $136.50 or 2000 balls for $252).

Last balls will be sold 30 minutes before closing time, which is 6pm every day.

Sandy Creek Golf Club

If you live closer to the Barossa Valley than Adelaide, then Sandy Creek Golf Club might be the best place for you to practice.

The course – located around an hour from the CBD and only 10-minutes east of Gawler – has a 300-metre driving range that is open to visitors.

Players will mainly hit from a wide, grassy tee block, but there are a couple of mats available to tee off from if that’s what you prefer.

There are numerous flags and distance markers scattered down the fairway, giving you plenty to aim at.

Small, medium and large buckets of balls can be purchased from the clubhouse for $5, $9 and $13 respectively.

Sandy Creek’s operating hours do vary, however, so it is advisable to contact the club prior to making your way to the course to ensure the range is open.

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Tanunda Pines Golf Club

For golfers residing in the heart of the Barossa Valley, the driving range at Tanunda Pines is the perfect place for a tune-up.

The range is long and wide enough to hit driver without any worries, and there are distance markers positioned down the fairway to show how far you’re hitting it.

There are no mats, so you’ll have to hit off a grassy tee block – which will give you instant feedback on whether you’ve caught your shot fat, thin or flush.

The range at Tanunda Pines is nice and wide. PHOTO: Project Golf Australia

Practice balls can be purchased from the pro shop, with $15 enough to cover a large bucket.

It is also recommended to ring ahead to make sure the range is open and available to use, as the club’s operating hours do vary.

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If you live south of Adelaide, count yourself lucky because you are within a short drive to some of South Australia’s best golf courses – such as Mount Compass or The Stirling golf clubs.

However, not all of them allow visitors through the gates for the sole purpose of using the driving range, meaning players may need to look elsewhere to satisfy their practice needs.

Port Noarlunga Driving Range

Located only a mid-iron from the Christies Beach esplanade, the Port Noarlunga Driving Range on River Road is a popular place of practice for golfers of all abilities.

The facility is a no-frills type setup – there are no mats, only open grass to hit on, meaning you’ll get instant feedback on how you’re striking the ball.

And unlike the majority of other ranges that only provide you with range balls to hit (which travel less distance), Port Noarlunga offers proper golf balls – so you’ll know the true carry distance for each of your clubs.

The open air range is suitable for all ages. PHOTO: Port Noarlunga Driving Range

Practice bucket prices are as followed: 30 Balls ($8), 60 Balls ($12), 90 Balls ($15), 120 Balls ($18), 150 Balls ($21).

Opening hours are 9.30am until 4pm daily.

Keep up to date with the latest from Port Noarlunga Driving Range via its Facebook page.

X-Golf Marion

If it’s too cold or wet, or too hot for you to practice outside, X-Golf Marion could be the perfect alternative.

Located on Marion Road, around 10km from Adelaide’s CBD, this awesome indoor facility enables players to hone their skills on one of five advanced golf simulators for a modest price.

For just $20, you can spend half an hour on the simulator – which shows you your ball flight, and lets you play some of the most famous golf courses from around the world if range mode is too boring.

You can book groups of up to six people, and even get lessons from teaching professional Zak Rollins – who will have your swing looking great in no time.

A range session and a beer? Heaven. PHOTO: X-Golf Marion

Prices are as followed:

  • Single Player – 30 Min Booking ($20), 1 Hour Booking ($30)
  • 2 Player – 1 Hour Booking ($40), 2 Hour Booking ($80)
  • 3-4 Player – 1 Hour Booking ($60), 2 Hour Booking ($120), 3 Hour Booking ($180)
  • 5-6 Person – 1 Hour Booking ($75), 2 Hour Booking ($150), 3 Hour Booking ($225)

Opening hours are Monday-Thursday 10am-10pm; Friday-Saturday 10am-11pm; and Sunday 10am-5pm meaning you have ample time to sneak a practice in.

For more information, or to book, visit the X-Golf Marion website.

Mount Compass Golf Course

If you’re willing to drive even farther south of Adelaide, then the driving range set-up at Mount Compass Golf Course will not disappoint.

Situated an hour from the city centre, just off Victor Harbor Road, Mount Compass is one of the state’s premium links courses.

Normally a club of this calibre would reserve access to its facilities to paying members, but that’s not the case here.

Visitors are welcome through the gates to grab a bucket of practice balls from the pro shop, and head to the outdoor range – where they’ll have the option of hitting off quality artificial mats, or off grass.

You won’t find many better views than from the driving range at Mount Compass Golf Course.

The views from the Mount Compass driving range are arguably better than any other in Adelaide, with players hitting towards a stunning backdrop of rolling, natural hills – and it’s wide enough that you can spray the odd shot without too much worry.

A small, medium or large bucket of practice balls will cost you $9, $12 or $15 respectively, and you can also purchase a Range Ball Card for $144 – giving you a 20 per cent discount – if you use the range regularly.

Contact the pro shop for opening hours.

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When it comes to driving ranges in Adelaide’s east, your options are quite limited.

Tea Tree Gully Golf Club has a driving range reserved for paying members, while Highercombe Golf Club’s range is no longer in operation.

Thankfully, there are a couple of places you can go to hone your skills.

Valley View Driving Range

Located at the corner of Grand Junction Road and Nelson Road, around 25 minutes from Adelaide’s CBD and only five minutes from Tea Tree Plaza shopping centre, Valley View Driving Range is the perfect place for eastern suburb residents to practice their swing.

The range is long enough and wide enough to hit driver – however, be sure to only use the yellow practice balls when hitting the big stick, as proper match balls travel far enough to fly over the back net and onto the busy motorway.

The Valley View Driving Range is the only option in Adelaide’s north eastern suburbs for the public to hit balls.

There are over 10 undercover hitting bays to choose from – some of which have just had new mats installed – meaning you won’t be left waiting for a spot, and can sharpen your skills in all weather conditions.

New distance markers have also been erected recently, giving you instant feedback on how far you’re hitting your shots.

A small bucket of 30 range balls starts at $8, while a big bucket of 130 balls will cost $22 – with other sizes available in between.

Opening hours are Monday 9.30am-5pm, Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm and weekends 9.30am-4.30pm.

Mount Osmond Golf Club

Mount Osmond Golf Club – found roughly 15 minutes south-east of the CBD – is one of only a few high-end public courses in Adelaide with a paying membership base that actively encourages visitors to come and use its driving range.

You don’t need to be a member of the club, or have a Golf Australia handicap, to use it.

The facility is much smaller than your typical range set-up, with around six undercover bays to choose from – it is also quite short and narrow, meaning you’ll probably need to keep driver in the bag if you’re a longer hitter.

Teaching professional Ian Pritchard giving a lesson at the Mount Osmond driving range. PHOTO: Mount Osmond GC

The range area also has a putting and chipping green nearby, plus a sand bunker, meaning you can perfect your short game after working on your swing.

Mount Osmond also offers private lessons, with teaching professionals Ian Pritchard, Henry Clough and David Farmer available to help you improve every aspect of your golf.

Practice balls can be purchased from the pro shop – with $15 getting you a decent-sized bucket – and the range is open from 7.30am-4pm every day.

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When it comes to driving ranges, Adelaide’s western suburbs has two of the best facilities in the city – meaning golfers located close to the beach are spoilt for choice.

West Beach Drummond Golf Driving Range

When it comes to premier driving ranges in Adelaide, the Drummond Golf set-up at West Beach is the crème de la crème.

Located only 20-minutes west of the CBD off Tapleys Hill Road, right behind Adelaide airport, there is quite simply no better golf practice facility in the city.

The West Beach Drummond driving range has plenty of targets to aim for. PHOTO: Drummond Golf
A view of the West Beach Drummond driving range. PHOTO: Drummond Golf

It has 42 range bays spread out over two storeys – comprising a top and bottom deck – in addition to a fully-stocked pro shop where you can test and purchase clubs with the help of the Drummond MiGolf fitting simulator.

Each bay has a built-in ball-to-tee feeder and high-quality mats suitable for irons and woods – the upper deck is available for players aged 16 or older, and anyone younger must be accompanied by an adult.

The range features three target greens, perfect for honing your wedge play, and distance markers to give you instant feedback on how far you’re hitting it.

There are east and west grass areas – which can fit up to 15 and 20 people, respectively – for players looking to simulate on-course practice.

The facility also has an additional practice area comprising a chipping space and bunker, plus to a putting green, meaning your short game won’t be neglected.

There’s even a basic mini golf course for the kids to entertain themselves on while you churn through your range session!

Tuition is available at the West Beach Drummond driving range. PHOTO: Drummond Golf

Clubs can be hired from the pro shop – for $5 each – while range bucket costs are as followed:

Casual Rates

  • 65 Balls – $15
  • 100 Balls – $19
  • 140 Balls – $23

Drummond Club Member Rates

  • 65 Balls – $15
  • 100 Balls – $15
  • 140 Balls – $19

West Beach Drummond Golf Driving Range is open 8am-9pm Monday-Friday – perfect for players who wish to practice after work – and 8am-7pm on weekends and public holidays.

For more information, visit their website.

West Beach Parks (Adelaide Shores) Golf Course

Holding the title as probably the second-best driving range in Adelaide, behind Drummond Golf, is West Beach Parks – formerly known as Adelaide Shores golf course.

Attached to the popular Westward Ho Golf Club and its 18-hole Patawalonga course, this outdoor driving range is a great place to sharpen your skills while soaking up some sun and enjoying the sea breeze from the nearby West Beach.

With 16 bays available – all with quality hitting mats – players won’t have to wait long, if at all, to get their practice session in.

The range is long enough to pull out every club in your bag, including driver, and the high netting on either side prevents balls from landing on the adjacent fairways.

The driving range at West Beach Parks. PHOTO: Westward Ho GC

Lessons with teaching professional Anne Marie-Knight are available for golfers of all abilities, and can be booked online or through the pro shop – this is a great way to bring your handicap down fast.

There is also a putting green nearby, enabling you to work on your ever-important short game after finishing your range session.

Prices for practice buckets are as followed:

  • 25 balls – $5
  • 50 balls – $9
  • 100 balls – $15

The range is open from dawn until 6pm every day, giving you enough flexibility to sneak some practice in before or after work.

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