Golf Chippers: Consider These 13 Cheat-Code Clubs In 2023

There are few worse feelings in golf than losing your touch and confidence around the greens.

We’ve all suffered from the awful ailment known as the ‘chipping yips‘ at some point in our lives, when even the easiest of up and downs becomes a terrifying prospect and your mind is filled with negative thoughts telling yourself: ‘Please don’t hit it fat or thin’.

Developing an elite short game can takes years of practice, but most weekend warriors lead busy lives meaning we’re not able to spend hours on the practice green refining our chipping technique.

Thankfully, there is a golf club designed to make chipping a breeze, and is perfect for the amateur golfer who has lost confidence in their wedges: it’s called the chipper.

In this article I’ll explain what a chipper is, how it’s used, before revealing the 13 best chippers you should consider adding to your bag this year.

What is the best golf chipper to buy?

In summary, the best golf chipper to buy in 2023 is the Square Strike Wedge. It has been highly-rated by players all over the world, including popular YouTube golfer Rick Shiels, for its clever design, ease of use and forgiveness. It comes in 45, 55 or 60 degrees of loft – more than most other chippers on the market – making it easier to stop the ball on the green, closer to the pin.

To learn more about why the Square Strike Wedge is the best golf chipper on the market, keep scrolling down the page.

But before I take you through my list of the top 13 chippers to buy in 2023, let’s answer some common questions about this unique club (otherwise, keep scrolling to read the reviews).

What is a golf chipper?

A chipper is essentially a lofted putter, or sometimes a super-forgiving wedge, designed to help golfers chip better. Chippers typically come in lofts of between 32 and 45 degrees, making it easy to get the ball up into the air, while the club head is designed not to dig into the turf – avoiding dreaded ‘fat’ or ‘chunk’ shots.

Chipper vs wedge: Which should you use?

As a general rule, chippers should only be used by beginner or high-handicap players who struggle using their wedges for greenside chipping. Wedges allow you to vary your ball flight (hit high or low shots) and are far more accurate and controllable than a chipper if you practice with them regularly.

But if you are giving up a lot of strokes around the greens because you simply cannot hit your wedges close to the pin (and suffer from constant fat or thin strikes), then you should seriously consider investing in a chipper.

Are chippers legal?

Chippers are legal to use in golf competitions provided they are not two-sided, or fitted with a putter grip. They are deemed to be an iron, and count as one of the maximum 14 clubs permitted to be carried in your golf bag during tournament play.

I’ve written a comprehensive article answering more key questions about golf chippers – including the legalities of using them in competition, and also how to get the most out of them – which I’d highly recommend you read.

Best golf chippers in 2023

Now that you know what a chipper is, it’s time to reveal the best 13 chippers available to buy this year.

Where possible, I have tested the clubs myself – those that I haven’t tested, I have done extensive research online, including reading and watching reviews from other players, before forming my own conclusion on each chipper.

Best premium chippers

Square Strike Wedge

As one of the most popular chippers in golf worldwide, the Square Strike Wedge is the best option on the market today – no question about it.

Receiving high ratings and praise from hundreds of players, this club will quickly cure your chipping yips and have you getting up and down around the greens in no time.

With a nice, high loft of 45 degrees (but also available in 55 and 60 degrees), the Square Strike Wedge has an extra-wide sole and beveled leading edge to stop it digging into the turf meaning it’s almost impossible to hit the ball fat – meaning you can chip with complete confidence.

The club head is also designed in a way that prevents excessive face rotation, meaning greater consistency and less off-centre strikes.

The Square Strike Wedge is also more effective than using a 7-iron to bump-and-run as its shorter length (35.5 inches) makes it easier to control, while the heavier club head (330 grams) glides smoothly through the turf without requiring your hands or wrists to do much work.

Most importantly, it is legal for tournament play and has a one-year warranty against defects, giving you the peace of mind to buy with surety.

The only thing that may turn some players off is the lime-green coloring, however I don’t think it detracts from the club much at all (if any).

Popular YouTube golfer Rick Shiels tested this wedge out on his channel, and found few faults – he agreed that it was virtually impossible to hit fat, however it did have limitations compared to a normal wedge in that you can’t vary the ball flight.

It really is aimed at players who want run the ball onto the green, and never chunk it again.

If you want the best of the best when it comes to chippers, at an extremely affordable price, then no club is better than the Square Strike Wedge.

Key features

  • Anti-chunk sole
  • No-dig leading edge
  • 45, 55 or 60 degrees of loft
  • Anti-rotational weighting
  • 35.5-inch shaft
  • 330g club head

Watch a video review of the Square Strike Wedge here.

MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge

If you’re not a fan of the bright green color scheme of the Square Strike Wedge, then the Mazel Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge may be the perfect solution – and also be better for your bank balance.

A less expensive option, the Mazel chipper has the option of a more reserved appearance with the black/steel finish giving it a more sleek, traditional look (however, you can still buy it in green if you wish).

It can also be purchased in three different lofts – 35, 45 and 55 degrees – which is versatility few other options on this list can boast.

What I like about the Mazel is it isn’t overly bulky; the club head is heavier than a normal putter without looking like a hybrid at address, giving you plenty of confidence when chipping from just off the green.

The rectangular shape of the club head also resembles that of a classic blade putter, which may appeal to traditionalists who are a little hesitant in adding a chipper to their bag for fear of it being too gimmicky.

With a wide sole and quality rubber grip, it’s hard to find any real negatives about the MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge.

It does exactly as it is designed to – that is, help you chip the ball closer to the hole with minimal fuss – and would certainly be a great addition to the bag of any beginner of high-handicap golfer.

Key features

  • Extremely affordable
  • Comes in black/steel or green/steel color
  • Wide sole prevents leading edge digging
  • Available in 35, 45 and 55-degree lofts

Watch a video review of the MAZEL chipper here.

Cleveland Golf Smart Sole 3 Wedge

As someone who uses Cleveland wedges, I was really interested to see what this company had to offer when it came to chippers – and they didn’t let me down.

The Cleveland Golf Smart Sole 3 Wedge – whether by intention or not – isn’t marketed as a ‘chipper’ per-se, but that’s exactly what it is.

Built with 42 degrees of loft, the club has a three-tiered, wide sole and feel balancing technology that creates more efficient turf interaction and tighter shot dispersion, with the straight leading edge making it easy to line up shots (just as you would with a putter).

At address, you can see the bulkiness protruding from the rear of the club – some players may not like that, but for me it helps give you more confidence when standing over the ball.

The Cleveland Golf Smart Sole 3 Wedge can be purchased with a graphite or steel shaft, for added customisation.

The reviews I’ve read about this club are overwhelmingly positive, with the vast majority of players saying it has improved their game dramatically inside 100 yards and when around the greens.

If you’re looking to shave shots off your scorecard and start getting up and down more, you can’t go wrong with the Cleveland Golf Smart Sole 3 Wedge.

Key features

  • Three-tiered sole for cleaner contact
  • Feel balancing technology
  • Optimized loft and lie angles
  • 42-degree loft
  • Graphite or steel shaft

Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch 4 Mallet Chipper

When it comes to maximum forgiveness, very few chippers rival the Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch 4 Mallet Chipper.

This club has one of the widest soles you’ll find on any chipper, which is designed to cut through rough with incredible ease, to help create clean, consistent contact from greenside lies.

Because of the big base, coupled with 37 degrees of loft, it’s almost impossible to hit the ball fat when using the Tour Edge chipper.

The club head is built from 431 stainless steel, which makes for a soft feel at impact and better touch and control.

The make-or-break feature for many players, however, is the significantly off-set hosel that enables you to swing the club much more like a putter – with a straight back and through arc – rather than a wedge.

Personally, I like seeing a straighter leading edge (much like the Square Strike Wedge), but if you like the off-set look then you’ll really enjoy this club.

Lastly, the Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch 4 Mallet Chipper comes in a black and yellow color scheme, with a steel shaft.

Key features

  • Very wide sole
  • 37 degrees of loft
  • Black and yellow color scheme
  • Off-set hosel
  • Steel shaft

Precise Golf Co Chipper HX-9

With a no-fuss, no-frills design, the Precise Golf Co Chipper HX-9 is the most basic premium options on this list.

It’s also the chipper that most closely resembles a traditional putter, with its upright lie angle, off-set hosel and low face profile allowing you to swing it straight back and through – just like you would when using your flat stick on the greens.

These features, coupled with a heavy club head, 27 degrees of loft and lower centre of gravity, make it easy to start the ball on target, meaning greater consistency, less wasted shots and better scoring.

Additionally, the Face Forward head design makes it extremely difficult, nearly impossible, to shank or mishit this chipper meaning you’re a greater chance of getting it up onto the green in one attempt (rather than after a few failed tries).

Because it is shaped like a putter, rather than a wedge (like the Square Strike or MAZEL wedges), it does have its limitations and hitting shots farther than 60 yards out from the pin can be somewhat difficult.

But if you’re buying a chipper for the sole purpose of using it for greenside bump-and-run shots, then the Precise Golf Co Chipper HX-9 will do the job perfectly.

Note: it is marketed as having a putter grip, which is illegal in tournament use.

Key features

  • Upright lie angle
  • 27 degrees of loft
  • Off-set hosel
  • Face Forward technology
  • Black/blue color scheme

Money Club 37-Degree Red Fire Golf Chipper

If you’re someone who likes to standout on the golf course, then you’ll love the Money Club 37-Degree Red Fire Golf Chipper.

This club, with its bright-red paint job covering the cast alloy head, will certainly capture people’s attention.

Personally, I find the finish a little cheap-looking compared to other clubs on this list, but if you’re wishing to make a statement to your playing partners, this club will do exactly that.

In terms of design, the Money Club chipper is very similar to the Tour Edge Mallet – it has a very wide sole for maximum forgiveness and better turf interaction, making it extremely easy to play bump-and-run shots from off the green.

The shaft is 35 inches long and made of alloy steel, while the club face is narrow from top to bottom and also covered in red paint (which is likely to be scratched off after repeated use, exposing the metal underneath).

The Money Club 37-degree Red Fire Golf Chipper is certainly an eye-catching piece of machinery that will help you shave shots off your scorecard – however, if you prefer subtlety of appearance with your clubs, this may not be the one for you.

Key features

  • Bright red color scheme
  • 37 degrees of loft
  • Slightly off-set hosel
  • Very wide sole
  • Alloy steel shaft

Best budget chippers

Intech EZ Roll Chipper

As the most-rated chipper on Amazon, it’s no surprise the Intech EZ Roll Chipper tops the list when it comes to quality budget options.

Simply put, it’s hard to find any negatives about this club.

Design-wise, the Intech EZ Roll Chipper is back-weighted to improve strike; it has top-line alignment to help you set up correctly towards your target; and it is the same length as a putter, yet has a 7-iron loft of 35 degrees to easily get the ball into the air and land soft on the green.

The gooseneck hosel, fashioned at the base of the steel shaft, also prevents dreaded shanks and improves consistency.

Additionally, it is one of the most customizable chippers on the market in that it’s available in five different colors – black/silver, black/white, pink, white/pink and white/silver – catering for both male and female players.

Over 2000 golfers have reviewed the Intech EZ Roll Chipper on Amazon for an average rating of four stars, proving that this club is the real deal (you can read more of those reviews here).

If you’re on a budget but want to improve your scoring around the greens, this chipper is the perfect solution.

Key features

  • Back-weighted design for better strike
  • 35 degrees of loft
  • Putter-length shaft
  • Hugely positive reviews
  • Five color options

PowerBilt TPS Chipper

If you want a chipper that more closely resembles a putter, then the PowerBilt TPS Chipper is the ideal choice.

In terms of technology and design, this club is pretty basic.

It has a 34.5-inch stainless steel shaft, 32 degrees of loft that will help you get the ball higher into the air and stop quicker on the greens, and a black/silver/red color scheme.

I used to game a budget PowerBilt putter, and it was durable and sturdy without being the most high-quality piece of equipment.

I’d say the PowerBilt TPS Chipper would be the same – suitable for the task at hand, however pretty basic, reflective of its budget price.

Key features

  • 34.5-inch stainless steel shaft
  • 32 degrees of loft
  • Black/silver color scheme
  • Affordable price
  • Putter-like design

Orlimar Golf Escape Mallet Chipper

I’m not sure whether it’s the clean, white color scheme that makes this club easy on the eye, but there’s something about the appearance of the Orlimar Golf Escape Mallet Chipper that really catches my eye.

In a nutshell, this is a nice-looking piece of golf equipment.

While it does incorporate more of a mallet putter design than that of a wedge, the beauty of the Orlimar chipper is that the lie angle isn’t overly upright – meaning you can swing the club on a more natural arc, rather than straight back and through.

That said, the hosel does have a slight off-set to limit mishits and dreaded shanks.

It has 37 degrees of loft, making it easier to get the ball into the air and stop quicker on the greens, while the club head’s wide sole – with alignment markers on top – is created in a way that helps it glide across the turf.

If mallet-style chippers are your preference, the Orlimar Golf Escape Mallet Chipper is highly-rated and would make a great addition to your bag.

Key features

  • White color scheme
  • 37 degrees of loft
  • Slight hosel off-set
  • Wide, mallet-style sole

Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray Chipper

Another chipper crafted in the putter-style mould, the Ray Cook Golf Silver Chipper is similar to PowerBilt TPX – but with a few key differences.

It has less loft at 32 degrees, making it better for bump-and-runs as opposed to high-lofted chip shots, while the sole is slightly wider and has a triangular-type design to help it glide through the turf better.

The precision milled face is branded with a red-line sight to improve alignment and reduce shot dispersion when hitting into the green, while the charcoal finish reduces glare at address and adds a touch of class visually.

Lastly, the hosel is off-set from the steel shaft to improve forgiveness.

The Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray Chipper will perform just as well as other budget options on the market from a technological standpoint, with its appearance likely being the key factor in deciding whether or not to add it to your bag.

Key features

  • Charcoal color scheme
  • Steel shaft
  • 32 degrees of loft
  • Off-set hosel
  • Triangular-style sole

Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray CP-03 Chipper

If you’re like me and prefer your chipper to have a wedge-like appearance, then the Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray CP-03 Chipper should come into your considerations.

With 37 degrees of loft coupled with the undercut design and non-drag beveled sole, this club is extremely difficult to hit fat and very forgiving.

The construction of the sole eliminates catching of turf nearing impact, while the wedge-like design allows you to swing the club on more of a traditional arc, rather than the back-and-through motion that you’d use with a putter, or other upright-lie chippers.

Lastly, it comes in a sleek black finish that not only looks good, but also minimises sun glare off the club face – meaning you won’t be distracted when addressing the ball.

In terms of budget chippers with wedge-style designs, you won’t find many better than the Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray CP-03 Chipper.

Key features

  • Wedge-style, undercut design
  • Non-drag beveled sole
  • 37 degrees of loft
  • Black color scheme

Nitro Golf Extreme 10 Chipper

If I had to describe the Nitro Golf Extreme 10 Chipper, it would be: industrial.

The black and steel coloring coupled with the rivet-like dots on the sole of the club makes it look like it has been fashioned with spare parts from a Nitro Circus motorcycle, giving it that sturdy, durable appearance.

But first impressions aside, the technology used to construct this chipper is sound.

The club head – which has a mallet shape – is back-weighted to help get the ball airborne around the greens and improve turf interaction, while the slightly-off-set hosel reduces the likelihood of shanks.

An alignment marker on top of the club assists in getting the ball started on target, perfect for players who struggle in this area of their game.

The Nitro Golf Extreme 10 Chipper doesn’t have the quality look or feel of some of the premium chippers on this list, but is a perfectly decent option if you’re on a budget.

Key features

  • Black/silver color scheme
  • Gooseneck shank-proof hosel
  • 35 inches in length
  • Mallet-style club head
  • Steel shaft

PowerBilt TPS Two-Way Chipper

If you’re really desperate to add a two-way chipper to your bag, the PowerBilt TPS is your best option – but I would strongly advise against it.

Two-way chippers are illegal in tournament play, meaning you’re limited to using the club only during practice or non-competition rounds – and really, how many times during an 18-hole match do you find yourself needing to flip the club over and hit it with your non-dominant hand?

If the answer is ‘not many’, it probably makes sense to look at other chippers on this list.

But if your heart is truly set on a two-sided club, the PowerBilt TPS has received excellent reviews, looks great with its jet-black finish, and comes with a forgiving 36 degrees of loft to help you hold more greens.

Key features

  • Two-sided club face
  • Black color scheme
  • Alloy head
  • Custom steel shaft
  • Custom velvet grip

Final message

While golf chippers can sometimes be frowned upon by other players ­– or your playing partners may tease you for using one – they can without question help you lower your scores.

As they say, there are no pictures on the scorecard: it doesn’t matter how you get the ball into the hole, all that matters is the number of strokes it took to get it there.

A chipper is a great club that can enable you to hit your chips closer to the pin, resulting in you getting up and down more often, and reducing your score.

I’d definitely recommend you consider adding one to your bag before your next round.

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